The clash of steel blades lives on in the SCA!

SCA Rapier Combat is our attempt to recreate the style of unarmored combat that took place from the medieval period to 1600 A.D. Participants engage in this sport for fun and fitness! Many also study the extant manuals and theories of combat from that time period, in order to more accurately recreate the style of pre-17th century swordfighting. 

This type of swordfighting has evolved into the modern sport of fencing, but unlike the modern sport, our participants use a wide variety of weapons – considerably heavier than modern fencing swords – and they have freedom of movement in any direction. Combatants take part one-on-one bouts as well as participating in melees that can have up to hundreds of fencers per side.

You can see pictures and details about rapier combat at
the SCA Newcomers’ Portal

Deputy Marshal for Rapier Combat

David Whitford (Master Robert MacPharland)
[email protected] | additional Contact Info

The new Fencing Marshals’ Handbook was approved by the Board of Directors on 4 April, 2020.

These rules are official effective immediately. There is a grace period until 15 August, 2020 for kingdoms to come into full compliance with the new rules. (They must be in compliance with either the old or new set of rules during this grace period.) 

There is very little, if any, change that these April 2020 rules will require in Kingdom Law. The grace period exists to prevent confusion and additional work with interkingdom events.

At our largest event, the Pennsic War, all war points will be fought under the old rules, but there will be non-warpoint time for play under the new rules. Please check with the Pennsic Marshal in Charge and the Pennsic website for details.

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