This page contains resources for SCA Officers to use in presenting our organization to the public and to aid them in working with members of the press/media.

Members of the press/media —
USE the SCA Media Kit
Look up your local
Media Relations Officer


SCA Demo Policy (from the Seneschal’s Handbook)

Promotional Materials:


Photo Gallery – members of the press/media and Society Officers may freely use these photos of SCA activities in promotional materials, publications, and press releases


Media Resources

SCA in the News

“Society for Creative Anachronism Seizes Control of Russia”
Satire from The Onion (May 26, 1999)

Video: For Glory & Honor: Medieval Reenactors go to Battle
NBC News (January, 2015)

Video: “Medieval Warriors in a Campground in Pennsylvania”
Voice of America News, YouTube (September, 2009)

Social Media Resources

Also see Social Media section of the Document Library, which has the SCA Social Media Policy, and tutorials on how to use Facebook and Twitter to promote branch activities, offices, and events.