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Whether you are an SCA participant or just looking for information, here you will find Documents, Publications, Research Links, and Resources for SCA Activities.

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Document Library

A list of all SCA Policies, Rules, Handbooks, Forms, Reports and other documents.

collection of papers


Access Kingdom Newsletters

Buy SCA publications and subscriptions


How to get Certificates of Liability Coverage and other insurance for SCA events and demos.

SCA Art Display

Arts and Sciences

Learn about the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced and studied in the SCA.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Promoting the values of inclusion throughout the SCA

Women riding horses


Learn Jousting and Games of Skill practiced by squires and other mounted warriors.

weaving patterns

Finance and Reports

SCA Financial Policies, Budgets, and Reports; Forms and Handbooks for Financial Officers

Parading with large flag


Make a name for yourself and design arms to identify you on the field of combat and in the feast hall

SCA Fighter

Martial Activities

The thrill of combat lives on the SCA. Find resources for armored combat, rapier activities, archery and more

Man posing for camera in medieval attire

Public Relations

Resources for officers: presenting the SCA to the public and working with the press/media

Man teaching by forge


For Chatelaines – Recruiting and Retaining New Members

close view of shield

Research Links

Learn more about ancient, medieval, and renaissance history.

Children in the SCA

Youth & Family

Discover how youths and families can participate in the SCA

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