For Members of the Press and Media

Each weekend all over the country and the world, thousands of people don the trappings of damsels and armored knights, transform their everyday surroundings into splendid encampments full of grand pavilions with banners waving high on the breeze, and leave the modern day behind in favor of the pageantry and chivalry of days of yore.

These folks are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international organization devoted to bringing the Middle Ages and Renaissance to life through research and re-enactment, and employing their knowledge of history to enrich their lives and the lives of others.  With over 50,000 participants worldwide, the SCA is one of largest living history societies in the world.

Drawn together by their common interest and enthusiasm for not just medieval history, but the most intricate details of daily life in the millennium between the 6th and 16th centuries, members of the SCA find immense joy in reviving centuries-old arts and crafts. Costumers use linen, silks and extravagant trim to create ladies’ gowns, while armorers brave the heat of the forge to hammer plate steel into the fashions of war.  Jewelers, potters, candle makers, and glassblowers see their wares put into use, while cooks design and serve elaborate feasts for the king’s table.  

SCA members also strive to practice the romantic ideals of the Renaissance – Chivalry, Honor, and Courtesy – a trio of graces that invariably influences their modern life.  In addition to learning and practicing historic arts, members donate much of their time to help bring history alive for students at local libraries and schools, and stage demonstrations at major public events and festivals. 

In the accelerated rush of the modern world, the SCA’s timeless appeal draws together a unique and diverse group of people.  You will see college students, authors, actors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, firefighters – people of every age and from all walks of life – together in a celebration of more fabled days of yore. 

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