In some SCA battlefield scenarios, you will see combat archers taking part. They wear armor, and use handbows and crossbows to fire specially designed arrows and bolts at armored fighters and other archers.

Combat archery is more complicated and challenging than target archery, because your targets are all moving independently – and some of them may be shooting back or coming at you with a weapon of their own! The low power of the bows and the design of the ammunition ensure safety, while still allowing armored opponents to know they have been hit.

You can see pictures and details about Combat Archery at
the SCA Newcomers’ Portal

Deputy for Combat Archery

John Holdren  (TH Lord John de Percy), [email protected]


Star blunts sold by Northstar (August 20, 2022)
The Fathead2 blunts have moved to approved status, and are included in the July 2022 version of the Marshal’s handbook.

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