The SCA is a family-friendly organization with a lot to offer to all ages. While some of our activities are restricted to adults, most can be enjoyed by teens, tweens, and even younger.

At SCA events you will see children playing medieval games, creating art, participating in general activities (and those specifically for them, such as Youth Armored Combat & Fencing), receiving recognition in royal court, helping out in the kitchen or with other tasks, or just running around and being themselves.

Many SCA kingdoms and local groups have Youth Officers, who help parents to integrate children’s and youth activities into events.

The YAFA Coordinator office is currently vacant–please contact the Society Seneschal with any questions.

Info for parents whose teens are participating in the SCA:
Your Teenager and the SCA

Youth Combat

The Youth Armored Combat program gives children from ages 6 through 17 the opportunity to participate in a kid-friendly version of adult combat, wearing protective gear and using padded weapons. The program emphasizes courtesy, honor, and service as well as skill and safety. Boys and girls participate together, divided into three age brackets: ages 6-9, ages 10-13, and ages 14-17.

Youth Rapier Combat (Fencing) activities are also offered in many kingdoms, for the same age brackets as above.

Youth fighters and fencers must demonstrate to the marshals that they understand the rules and can participate safely before they are permitted to take part in tournaments and battles.

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Youth Participation in Adult Combat

Minors age 16-17 may authorize in adult armored combat. Minors age 14-17 may authorize in rapier combat and other forms of Society combat-related activity. (Note that some kingdoms may have rules which set these ages higher.)

Youth and Family Achievement Program

The Society comes most alive for our children when they themselves are taking part in SCA activities, rather than simply watching their parents.

The SCA’s Youth and Family Achievement program (YAFA) offers our youths, ages 5 to 17, training in the activities that make the SCA valuable to participants of all ages.  The goal of the YAFA program is to develop from within the Society’s next generation of artisans, craftsmen, and energetic leaders. Participation in YAFA is open to families with one or more paid members of the SCA. 

The YAFA program is based on a foundation of the arts, service, and leadership, and encourages values important to the SCA. Knowledgeable members of the SCA serve as YAFA Mentors, offering their time and expertise in the achievement subject areas. Youth participants work with Mentors in their chosen areas of study, gaining knowledge, skills, and confidence. As they attain the set goals for each subject, they earn tokens of achievement which they can wear.

Many SCA kingdoms use the YAFA program in addition to, or as part of, their existing Page Guilds and other youth programs.  YAFA provides a common Society-wide system of activities in the arts and sciences, along with administrative and training systems for participating youths, parents, and Mentors.

Families: visit for more details about the program and to sign up

Become a Mentor: read what a mentor needs to know, and sign up to become a YAFA mentor.