Society Marshal

SCA Fencers

Rapier Combat

Deputy for Rapier

Master Laertes McBride (Greg Wylie)

Deputy, Special Projects

Mistress Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea (Rozi)

Deputy, Cut and Thrust Combat

Master Robert MacFarland

Rules and Policies:

Rapier Combat Handbook pdf
revised January 2017
Rapier Combat Handbook Appendix 6
Exceptions to Allowed Blades Rule
Rapier Experiment Proposal Form
To be submitted to the Society Rapier Marshal by Kingdom Rapier Marshals


Greetings from Master Laertes McBride, the Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier.

A new version of the Rapier Marshal's Handbook has been published to address changes to inspections of the interior of rigid head protection and codifying the padding in rapier masks and helms. The changes are listed on page ii of the handbook.