Tournaments Illuminated is the Society for Creative Anachronism’s quarterly magazine, bringing its readers information, research, and insights into history and the Society itself.

Issues include feature-length articles of interest, and reviews of books, websites, and media. There are also recurring columns on medieval destinations, humor, museum exhibits, SCA event reports, and a calendar of major SCA events. 

T.I. Editor

Dar’C O’Neal (Magister Riordan MacGregor) 
[email protected] | additional Contact Info

T.I. Art Director

Joyce Morris (Mistress Gwendolyn of Amberwood) 
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Index of T.I. Issues

T.I. Documents – Advertising Info; Submission Guidelines; Release Forms

Submissions – Articles and Artwork

To help Society members understand and recreate the Middle Ages and Renaissance, TI seeks articles regarding the details of daily life, such as customs, festivals, rituals, and pastimes (games, dance, literature, etc.), as well as articles on making shoes, hats, and garb; techniques for calligraphy and illumination; and making gear such as tents, feast gear, boxes, and furniture, for use at Society events.

TI  is also interested in articles regarding the arts martial, including research and building of practical weapons, archery equipment, and siege engines, equestrian topics, and medieval warfare and tactics.

Articles on SCA administrative topics are also welcome, particularly if written from a Society-wide perspective. Reviews of books or other publications of interest to Society members are particularly welcome.

Submission deadlines are:
November 7 for the First Quarter issue
February 7 for the Second Quarter issue
May 7 for the Third Quarter issue
August 7 for the Fourth Quarter issue

Please see the Submission Guidelines for the TI Style Guide and guidelines on writing different types of articles.

We encourage authors to include their own illustrations, artwork, or photographs, or to commission them to accompany articles. Artists and photographers should also fill out release forms.

Advertising in T.I.

Ad Policies, Publication/due dates, Ad Contract & Rate card


Sustaining Members in the SCA can purchase subscriptions to T.I. when they buy/renew their membership. They can also add the subscription at any time through the SCA Bookshop.

Changes of address can be made at the SCA Membership Portal. or through the Member Services Office.

For matters concerning subscriptions or lost issues, please contact the Member Services Office.

Back Issues

Back issues of Tournaments Illuminated can be purchased from the SCA Bookshop. If you need to locate which issue a particular article appeared in, you can search the Index of Issues.

Contribute to our next Quest Article Now!

Submission of any work to TI constitutes permission to publish said work without compensation in any form.  The author retains all original copyrights to the submission.    

For each issue, we ask our readers to contribute their insights on an issue and how they have addressed it in the SCA. Past Quest topics have included: Keeping Cool at Events, Putting on Demos, Hints for Brewing, 12th Night Gifts, Garb for Children, and Nighttime Lighting.

Future requests for topics will be posted here!

Attention T.I. Past Authors:

We would love to be able to give our readers online access to the wonderful articles our authors have written over the years. However, every author who has ever written for TI retains copyright to his or her work, and our Publication Release Form only allowed authors to grant explicit permission for electronic publication starting in Summer 2001. If an article was published before that date, we need the author’s permission in writing to allow us to place it online.

If you have written an article in the past and would like it to appear online, please print and fill out the permission form  and send it to the TI Editor.

If you have your article available in electronic format, please send us a copy, either along with your permission form or as an e-mail attachment to the editor’s e-mail address. If you do not, we can convert your article into a web page.

If you already have an version of your article available online, please e-mail the link to the Tournaments Illuminated editor.

T.I. Review Board

In order to ensure the articles published in TI  are of a high quality and as accurate as possible, the volunteers of the TI Review Board assist the Editor in reviewing submissions and providing constructive and objective criticism. The goal is to produce a publication that is not only interesting to read, but contains well-researched, accurate, and useful information.

If you are willing to volunteer your knowledge to help improve TI, please e-mail the following information to [email protected]:

Because of the breadth of the SCA’s scope, it is possible you may never be called upon to review an article — or you may be called more frequently. If you volunteer to assist, it is important that you be willing to meet deadlines for providing feedback. All reviews will be conducted via e-mail and through a website, so you must also have reliable Internet access.

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