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Advertising Manager: [email protected]

Ad Closing Dates

Tournaments Illuminated is published four times per year: in January, April, July and October. Our schedule is:

First Quarter (mailing date: January 7)
Closing Date: November 7
Second Quarter (mailing date: April 7)
Closing Date: February 7
Third Quarter (mailing date: July 7)
Closing Date: May 7
Fourth Quarter (mailing date: October 7)
Closing Date: August 7

Advertising Policy

Advertisements for books, supplies, and sources of information for use in the Society’s activities. Advertisements are offered largely as a service to the members. We prefer ads for goods and services that are educational, that are useful in the Society’s re-creation activities, or that have unique value to the members of the Society. We do not print ads for contemporary fiction, for roleplaying or wargames, or for goods and services that are fantasy-oriented.

Classified Advertising

Classified-style advertising is printed in the Village Green section, the first page of the advertising section. The charge is 35¢ per word. (We define “word” as any grouping of letters or numbers separated on both sides by a space.) There is no charge for typesetting, and you may specify certain words or phrases in italic, bold, or bold italic. Classified ads must include a name, address and zip code.

All classified advertisers receive a photocopy of the advertisement.

To Place an Ad

Complete the Advertising Contract. (If you cannot download or print the PDF, you can request a contract from the Advertising Manager.)

For display ad rates and sizes, mechanical instructions, position requests, and terms of payment, see the Advertising Contract/Rate Card.