The William Blackfox Awards

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Congratulations to all the nominees, as you were chosen as the best– to not only represent your local group, but to represent your kingdom! The final award recipients were selected by a panel of judges that included backgrounds in history, art, and education –Society members as well as modern non-members– and myself, with a background in graphic design.

The winners for AS 49 receive a Blackfox token, a certificate and the right to use “Master William Blackfox Award Winner, [category], AS XLIX (49)” in their newsletters, along with the Blackfox logo. The “commended” entries also receive a certificate.

Mistress Arianna Stefana Falconi, OP
Society Chronicler

Best Overall Newsletter

Not necessarily the best-looking newsletter, but rather the newsletter which best meets the needs of the local group or guild for which it is published. It should accurately reflect the status of the group and be a valuable tool for growth and promotion of SCA goals and ideals. This title is awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Barony of Western Seas, The Runestone, Lady Viviana of Peridot Isle, Chronicler, Caid

Commendation: Barony of Knights Crossing, Knightingale, Baronin Mechthild Quattermart, Chronicler, Drachenwald

Also nominated:

Best Layout and Design

For the best-looking newsletter in balance and style. Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Kindred Spirit, Shire of Pilgrims Fount, Gleann Abhann; Chronicler: Lord Jamys Chapman.

Commendation: Baronial Shaft, Barony of al-Barran, Outlands; Chronicler: Lady Teresa MacDuffie

Also nominated:

Best Artwork

For artwork on the cover or interior of the newsletter. Awarded to both the newsletter and the artist.

The winner: Artist: THL Blasé di Angelo; Untitled, interior drawing, July Vox, Principality of Cynagua, Kingdom: West

Commendation: Artist: Lady Brighid of Red Spears; Untitled, cover illumination, The Vigil, Barony of the Middle Marches, Kingdom: Middle

Also nominated:

Best Special Edition

For an Arts & Sciences issue or other limited-focus issues of a geographic group (Canton, Shire, Barony, etc.). Awarded to both the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: The Mudpuppy, 35th Anniversary Issue; Barony of Settmour Swamp; East Kingdom; Chronicler: Baroness Ursula of North Woods

Commendation: Full Tilt – 10th Anniversary Arts & Sciences Special Edition; Barony of Delftwood, Kingdom ofÆthelmearc; Chronicler: Lady Margarita Carpintero

Also nominated:

Best Special Interest Newsletter

This category recognizes guild newsletters, research newsletters, and Arts & Science-focus newsletters (such as lace-making). Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.No qualifying entries.

Best Regular Feature

For those cartoons, articles, columns, etc. which appear regularly in the particular newsletter. Awarded to the creator or feature writer and the newsletter.

The winner: Cooking with Claudius, Author: Claudius di Bartolomeo; The Runestone, Chronicler: Lady Viviana of Peridot Isle; Barony of the Western Seas, Kingdom: Caid

Commendation: Iduna’s Language Information, Author: Mistress Iduna Snorradottir; Dragon’s Eye, Chronicler: Mistress Iduna Snorradottir; Shire of Stan Wyrm, Kingdom: Artemisia

Also nominated:

Best Article

Recognizes excellence in articles appearing in a local newsletter. Awarded to the writer and the newsletter.

The winner: How to Make Your Own Vinegar, Author: Master Donal O’Brien; The Seraph, Barony of the Angels, Caid. Chronicler: THL Fu Ching Lan

Commendation: The Covenham Pavilion, Author: Lady Linnet de Covenham; Baelfyr, Principality of Insulae Draconis, Drachenwald. Chronicler: Lady Constanza of Thamesreach

Also nominated:

Best Poetry or Short Fiction

Recognizes the author of an outstanding poem or piece of short fiction. Awarded to the writer and the newsletter.

The Winner: A Wanderer in Rags, Author: Lord Riley Frost; The Runestone, Barony of the Western Seas, Kingdom: Caid; Chronicler: Lady Viviana of Peridot Isle

Also nominated:

In Praise of Byrhtnoth, Author: Lord Janos Katona; Clarion, Barony of Forgotten Sea, Kingdom: Calontir; Chronicler: Duchess Phaedra filia Roberti

Also nominated:

Kingdom Newsletter Categories

Best Cover for a Kingdom Newsletter

The Winner” Kingdom of Ansteorra: Brenna McDonald, Photograph; The Black Star, May 2014

Commendation: Kingdom of Caid: Lady Hildibjorg in Vikverska, Drawing; The Crown Prints, December 2014

Also nominated:

Best Written Contribution to a Kingdom Newsletter

Recognizes the author of an article, regular or special feature, poem, etc. provided for use by a kingdom newsletter. Awarded to the author.

The Winner: Middle: Syr Gunnar Redboar, The Lay of Kari’s Deed; The Pale, November 2014

Commendation: Artemisia: Master Karl Braden von Sobernheim, Random Carp; The Sage Advice

Also nominated:

Kingdom Chroniclers’ Honorable Mention

Nominations which didn’t fit into the above categories, yet are still deserving of recognition for their exceptional work and/ or dedication to producing the best possible newsletter for the local group served. Awarded to the individual nominee.