The William Blackfox Awards

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Greetings! My first task as Interim Society Chronicler is the selection of the annual William Blackfox Award winners for A.S. 48. The high quality work submitted by the Kingdom Chroniclers of the Known World made this delightful and difficult all at once. These wonderful newsletters come together much like events in the SCA do: many gentles take time to create something great! It starts with your local chroniclers, but is enhanced by your group’s artisans, writers, photographers, digital craftspeople, and officers who contribute to the chronicler so s/he can create the newsletter. That is what the William Blackfox Awards honor.

A sincere “thank you” to each of the Kingdom Chroniclers who submitted their kingdom’s work. You shared the best from amongst your local chroniclers, and all of their work makes your Kingdom proud! Be proud Æthelmearc, Ansteorra, Atlantia, Caid, Calontir, Drachenwald, Ealdormere, East, Gleann Abhann, Meridies, Middle, Northshield, Outlands, Trimaris, and the West! Your submissions were fantastic and given serious consideration for this prestigious award by a panel of judges that included experience in many fields of our Society. And now, without further ado, I give you the WINNERS, along with all of the honored nominees, of the William Blackfox Awards!

Maestra Teresa Gabriela de Montoya y Sevilla
Interim Society Chronicler

Best Overall Newsletter

Not necessarily the best-looking newsletter, but rather the newsletter which best meets the needs of the local group or guild for which it is published. It should accurately reflect the status of the group and be a valuable tool for growth and promotion of SCA goals and ideals. This title is awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Province of Malagentia, The Moonstone, Lady Christina Crane, Chronicler, East Kingdom

Honorable Mention: Shire of Sol Haven, The Equinox, Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli, Chronicler, Kingdom of Meridies

Also nominated:

Best Layout and Design

For the best-looking newsletter in balance and style. Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Barony of the Angels, The Seraph, Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, Chronicler; THL Fu Ching Lan, Deputy Chronicler. Kingdom: Caid

Also nominated:

Best Artwork

For artwork on the cover or interior of the newsletter. Awarded to both the newsletter and the artist.

The winner: Artist – Eilinora of Black Diamond, Cover art for Barony of Black Diamond Edicts and Epistles, Maistresse Maaline Renard, chronicler. Kingdom: Atlantia

Also nominated:

Best Special Edition

For an Arts & Sciences issue or other limited-focus issues of a geographic group (Canton, Shire, Barony, etc.). Awarded to both the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Barony of Namron, The Plume April 2014: Dedicated in Loving Memory of Terick ap Owen, Lady Villana Palazolo, chronicler. Kingdom: Ansteorra

Also nominated:

Best Special Interest Newsletter

This category recognizes guild newsletters, research newsletters, and Arts & Science-focus newsletters (such as lace-making). Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Barony of Caer Mear, Quid Novi (QD) Special Regalia Edition, December 2013, Gytha of WithornSea, chronicler. Kingdom: Atlantia

Also nominated:

Best Regular Feature

For those cartoons, articles, columns, etc. which appear regularly in the particular newsletter. Awarded to the creator or feature writer and the newsletter.

The winner: Chronicler, Author/Artist: Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli for “Shire Shire” from The Equinox, Shire of Sol Haven, Kingdom: Meridies

Also nominated:

Best Article

Recognizes excellence in articles appearing in a local newsletter. Awarded to the writer and the newsletter.

The winner: “Bench in Gothic Style” (“Bank im Gotischem Stil”), Author: Aeliric of Battle. Barony of Knights’ Crossing, Frankmark Express, May 2013, Lord Arnulf der Zeitlner, Chronicler, Kingdom: Drachenwald

Also nominated:

Best Poetry or Short Fiction

Recognizes the author of an outstanding poem or piece of short fiction. Awarded to the writer and the newsletter.

The Winner: Author/Artist: Lady Dulcibella de Chateaurien for “Banners of Calontir”, Shire of Calanais, The Dancing Moon, August 2013, Lady Dulcibella de Chateaurien, chronicler, Kingdom: Calontir

Also nominated:

Best Cover for a Kingdom Newsletter

The Winner: Kingdom of Gleann Abhann for the January 2014 Ambassador. Artist: Duke Sir Jon the Tall, Chronicler: Baroness Arianna Stefana

Also nominated:

Best Article in a Kingdom Newsletter

The Winner: “Ansteorran Coronation Cloaks Pictorial” by Mistress Radegund of Tours, in the December 2013 The Black Star, Chronicler: HL Reis ap Tuder, Kingdom: Ansteorra

Also nominated:

Kingdom Chroniclers’ Honorable Mention