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The William Blackfox Awards

The William Blackfox Awards

Master William Blackfox was the author and illustrator of the cartoon Warthaven. He gave generously of his time and talents, and was very supportive of the Kingdom Chroniclers until his untimely death.

To honor his memory, the Office of the Society Chronicler sponsors the annual Master William Blackfox Awards to recognize excellence in the work of Chroniclers and newsletter contributors. Newsletters provide a valuable resource and communication tool for SCA members around the world!

In 2007 the award was extended to recognize SCA Websites.

Many thanks to the skill and talent of THL Gala Cunningham, a former Ansteorran Chronicler, for the Blackfox Award logo.

How are people nominated for the William Blackfox Awards?

My Master

The Kingdom Chroniclers make the initial nominations from the works in their Kingdom. (Obviously, their own work is not eligible; neither are Corporate Publications.) All kingdoms are encouraged to participate and send in at least two nominations for each of the seven categories. (Note to all Chroniclers - be sure to send copies of your publications to your Kingdom Chronicler. Not only is it policy for you to do so, but it is the only way you can be nominated to participate in this competition.)

Most kingdoms notify nominees of their nomination, either by mentioning their names in print or by sending them a letter congratulating them on their fine work and their nomination to the competition. It is important that all participants realize that the nomination of their work is an indication of excellence. The entries are then separated into the eight categories and the judging is completed by the Society Chronicler, with the assistance of disinterested individuals or experts, where necessary.

In each category, a winner and a Commended entry are chosen. The winners of the William Blackfox Awards, along with those entries recognized as Commended, will be announced each fall, and will appear in the Kingdom newsletters and Tournaments Illuminated. The complete list of all nominees will also appear on this web site. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to me at

What efforts are recognized?

Best Overall Newsletter - this does not necessarily mean the best-looking newsletter, but rather the newsletter which best meets the needs of the local group or guild for which it is published. It should accurately reflect the status of the group and be a valuable tool for growth and promotion of the SCA goals and ideals. This title is awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

Best Layout and Design - for the best looking newsletter in balance and style. Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

Best Artwork - for artwork on cover or interior of the newsletter. Awarded to the newsletter and the artist.

Best Special Edition - for Arts & Sciences issues, or other limited-focus issues of a geographic group (Canton, Shire, Barony, etc.). Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

Best Special Interest Newsletter - this category recognizes guild newsletters, research newsletters, and Arts & Science focus newsletters (such as lace-making). Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

Best Regular Feature - for those cartoons, articles, columns, etc. which appear regularly in the particular newsletter. Awarded to the creator or feature writer and the newsletter.

Best Article - recognizes excellence in articles appearing in a local newsletter. Awarded to the writer and the newsletter.

Best Poetry or Short Fiction - recognizes the author of an outstanding poem or piece of short fiction. Awarded to the writer and the newsletter.

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