People on the Move – Director, Seat D

October 26, 2022 | 

SCA Communications

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Gabrielle Fisher (Duchess Adrielle Kerrec) has assumed the position of Director to Seat D for the remainder of that seat’s current term, which concludes in October 2024.

Gabrielle “Gabe” Fisher has worked as a Family Law Clerk for over 20 years and works with a Law Firm based in Lindsay, Ontario. She has a degree from Trent University in Medieval Literature. She lives in a 125-year-old church just northeast of Toronto, Ontario with her dogs and cats. She enjoys working on her church, hiking, kayaking, cooking and time with friends.

Duchess Adrielle Kerrec (OL, OP, CB) is a 14thCentury noblewoman, who lives in the Scottish boarders where she is the head of the Duchy of Arrochar in service of her Crown and Kingdom. She travels widely and has had the good fortune of sitting as the landed Baroness of Septentria, serving as Kingdom Seneschal and being Queen three times. In the Ealdormerian Line of the North she is known as the predestined, the diligent and the Iron Queen to distant lands. She believes in the words of de Charny “Plan your enterprises cautiously… carry them out boldly.” She can often be found watching the lists at tournament engaging in bold shenanigans.

As new Directors are seated each April and October, candidates for the Board are continually being solicited. Individuals may be nominated by SCA members and participants or can be self-nominated. No special experience is required, and candidates do not need to have specialized modern degrees. They also need not be peers – people from all walks of life are desired.

To make a nomination, (or to nominate yourself), please forward a Modern Name, SCA Name, and email address to [email protected]

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