Seneschal’s Handbook Update – 2013 Marijuana Policy Interpretation

December 5, 2019 | 

SCA Team

The Board of Directors has removed the 2013 Marijuana Policy Interpretation from the Seneschal’s handbook. The SCA will alternatively utilize the following language located within Corpora in section I. A. 2.

Despite the use of the word “law” to describe the operating documents of its regional branches, the Society recognizes the absolute precedence of law issued by civil authorities over any of its internal rules. The SCA, Inc. as a corporate person, along with all of its members as citizens, must obey the law of whatever jurisdictions apply to them in exactly the same fashion as all other corporations or citizens in those jurisdictions.

Where marijuana consumption is legal for recreational use, all local and/or state laws should be followed and its usage should be treated similarly to alcohol and tobacco. Additionally, where marijuana consumption is legal for medical use, all local and/or state laws should be followed to conform to those regulations as well. Participants within the SCA should always observe courtesy with their use of any product that produces smoke or vapor. Both tobacco and marijuana smoke can be harmful to others and exposure to second hand smoke is a health risk we should not impose on others.

Anyone having any questions regarding this policy should contact the Society Seneschal for more information: Mike Watkins (Master Aylwin Watkyns): 334-744-9354  or [email protected]

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