From the Society Seneschal – Blanket Variance for Reign Changes After June 1, 2021

May 6, 2021 | 

Kelly Magill

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Each kingdom and each principality in the Known World may set its schedule for Crown Tourneys, Coronations, Coronet Tourneys, and Investitures in the coming months in a way that works best for the kingdom, provided that the kingdom or principality holds the appropriate tourney and crowns the new royalty by January 31, 2022. A variance is hereby granted for any kingdom or principality laws covering the dates these events are to be held, subject to this condition.

This variance does not apply to the kingdom of Lochac, as they have been able to hold Crown Tourneys and Coronations during the early part of 2021, and can follow their normal schedule at this point.

If a kingdom has installed a new Crown during the pandemic without holding a virtual coronation, they may hold an in-person coronation at their pleasure, but it does not exempt them from following the above requirement.

If a kingdom finds itself unable to hold a Crown Tourney that can comply with the above timeline, due to either modern governmental or health department restrictions or modern international border closures, the kingdom may request a variance to extend its current reign until such time as a Crown Tournament and Coronation become possible. Such a variance must be accompanied by documentation of the legal restrictions preventing the events, as well as a statement of how long the kingdom expects the period between its next Crown Tourney and the subsequent Coronation to be.

Kingdoms that wish to permanently alter their Crown Tourney and Coronation schedules are of course free to do so, but must work within the timeline listed above. This may, in the short term, cause some reigns to be slightly longer or shorter than has been standard. Any required kingdom law changes should be handled in the normal fashion for your kingdom, in compliance with Corpora.

This variance covers Crown and Coronet Tourneys, Coronations, and Investitures of principality royalty only. If a kingdom has other events whose dates are set in kingdom law, variances will be required to alter those dates, unless the kingdom chooses to make a change to kingdom

Questions regarding this variance may be directed to your Kingdom Seneschal, or to the Society Seneschal via email at [email protected].

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