From the Chair of the Board:

We need your input! If you have an opinion about any of the nominees listed below, your commentary, both positive and negative, is gratefully received by the Board. You may comment on any aspect of the person’s suitability to be a director that you feel is important.

New nominations are always needed and are strongly encouraged, as are re-nominations of any who expire. Any SCA member may nominate any member, including themselves. All information received is kept completely confidential, and no one ever sees commentary on themselves.

Please send your comments and nominations to Board Recruiting, P.O. Box 611928,  San Jose, CA 95161, [email protected].

Please include your name and address in any letter sent concerning these matters, and please include both modern and SCA names and email address of anyone you nominate for the Board so that we may contact them. You will receive a response indicating that we received your correspondence – if you don’t hear back from us promptly, we did not get your missive.


Legal NameSCA NameKingdomon list thru
Dr. Katie Blevins TH Lady Lantani de Forez An Tir 2024-11
Jim Lai Master Kai Tseng Middle 2024-11
Michael Aaron Rogers Master Arontius of Bygelswade, OP An Tir 2024-11
Michael VognildGrimwulf Harland, OLCalontir2024-11
Heather L. HarrisDuchess Maisie of Dunbarton, OPTrimaris2024-09
Sarah M. HigginbothamMarcilla le Despenseur, OPGleann Abhann2024-08
Cathleen TallentDuchess Grainne ingen Anloin meic CerbaillTrimaris2024-08
Krista CappsMagnifica Bricca di Ghelere, OL, OPWest2024-07
John HigginbothamMaster Gilbert des MoulinsGleann Abhann2024-07
R. Briar Jansons Duchess Eanor of Amberhall Middle2024-07
Sean OppenheimerDuke Sir Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon, OPArtemisia2024-07
Matthew W. Parker TH Lord Saito TakaujiCalontir2024-07
Patrick Philpot Duke Padruig dubh Chlogad, KSCA Gleann Abhann 2024-07
Everett WallaceBaron Kevin Eriol, OPMeridies2024-07
Robert L. GrantTHL Robert the JustGleann Abhann2024-03
Lisa M. GrimmBaroness Maggie O’DonnellMiddle 2024-03
Dale “Edward” Walter
Baron Dur of Hidden Mountain, aka Mukhtar Durr al-Jabal al-Mukhfi
Carrie BearLady Carrie BearCaid2024-03
Sarah Jo ChapmanTH Lady Sarah KetillswifMiddle2023-12
Patricia “Lorie” Cole Duchess Sibilla Daine Trimaris2023-10
Joanna Garbutt Viscountess Þórey Rauðkollr, OP, OL An Tir 2023-08
Sam DavisDuke Thomas Blackmoore, KSCA, OP, OLMeridies2023-07
Chris HowertonViscount Durin Oldenmoor Tjorkilskin, KSCA, OPAn Tir2023-07
David GunterMaster Ciaran mac BreandainAtlantia2023-06
Jonathan FosterTHL Iohannes GlenfidanusNorthshield2023-03
Katherine JourneayMarguerite ingean Lachlainn, OPEast2023-03
Chele MartinesDuchess Sabine de Rouen, OPMiddle2023-03
E. Rhiannon Hood Lady Rhiannon Morgaine Atlantia 2023-02
Orilee Ireland-Delfs Baroness Orianna Fridrikskona Æthelmearc  2023-02
Steve MasonTH Lord Temur Numuchi, OSagEast
Douglas StevensDuke Anton TremayneAtlantia2023-02
Robert Van RensMagister Eadric the Potter, OLAtlantia2023-02
James ErbyDuke James the HolyGleann Abhann2022-11
Monalee KendallBaroness Genevieve McCullum de CaenAnsteorra2022-11
Christopher MillerMeistr Madoc ArundelÆthelmearc2022-11
Russell WeisfieldMaster Jethro StilleOutlands2022-11