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John Fulton is retired and lives in Memphis, TN, with Leslie (his lovely and awesome wife).

Duke John the Bearkiller, KSCA, OP is a 12th Century brigand from Wales who somehow, someway blundered himself into respectability. He enjoys writing poetry, SCA ceremonies, and silly songs.

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Manager for Information Technology:

Sam Davis

(Duke Thomas Blackmoore, KSCA, OP, OL)

Vice-President for Corporate Operations (Registrar):

Louise Du Cray

Executive Assistant to the Board:

Leslie Luther-Fulton is a legal assistant working mainly with insurance defense. She lives with her husband John and their spoiled rotten doxipoo, “Ms. Honey”.   Together she and John have a handsome son, Daniel; a lovely daughter-in-law, Katie; and, a 100-plus year old money-pit of a house in Memphis, Tennessee.

Countess Jane Falada of Englewood (OP) is a 14th century Liechtenstein dairy farmer’s daughter who currently resides in the beautiful river valley of Gleann Abhann.  When not milking her cows, Falada enjoys working with natural dyes and colorants, doing embroidery and cooking. 

Ms. Luther-Fulton can be reached by email to [email protected].

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Ross Roegner serves as the General Manager of a manufacturing company based in Sommerville, AL. Previously, he coordinated research on pediatriceye disease at the School of Optometry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His favorite thing about leadership is seeing people grow and develop over time. He lives just outside of Washington, D.C. with his incredible wife Megan, who is a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institute of Health. In addition to participating in the SCA, they enjoy playing D&D, watching football, cooking for each other, and hiking.

[Mr. Roegner has Board Seat B from April 2020 – October 2023]

Count Barthelemy of Illyria is a former Eastern Roman cavalry commander. He was stationed on the eastern border, where he fell in love with a fierce warrior-chieftainess known as Oda. Together they fled the oppression of the corrupt local governor and eventually rose up against him. Oda and Barthelemy sacked the capital, routed the governor, and dispatched his lackeys. They then ruled over a time of peace and prosperity in their province before vanishing in extremely mysterious circumstances.

Pug Bainter is an Associate Director of Networking for the University of Texas at Austin. Pug’s professional career has been focused on the IT industry, primarily working in Austin semiconductor and high-tech companies since 1989. They spent much of their career working with international locations integrating different teams and technologies. The knowledge and skills learned from the SCA and their profession helped shape each other to benefit both worlds. While they enjoyed the challenges and world travel associated with the semiconductor industry, they returned to the benefits and joy working in higher education where they intend to stay for the remainder of their professional career.

[Mr. Bainter has Board Seat E from October 2021 – April 2025]

Master Phelim Gervase, generally called Pug, is an 11th century Englishman from Herefordshire in the Welsh Marches. As he entered his second decade, Pug left for the warmer climes of Ansteorra. While settling there, Pug chanced upon Myfanwy ferch Eifion who was firmly convinced they would be together forever so accepting this fate they married. Their life became one of ever increasing travel, service, and discovery of the joys of arts and martial activities. As a self-inflicted bureaucrat, Pug continues to find new ways to contribute good counsel to the society around him by providing sound advice and attending meetings galore.

Jennifer Krochmal is an attorney practicing in Washington, D.C. First admitted to the bar in 1997, she has been licensed to practice in 3 jurisdictions- Florida, D.C., and Maryland. As a career public defender in the mental health division, she has dedicated her life to protecting the liberty interests of indigent individuals diagnosed with mental illness or developmental disabilities. She has a passion to serve this often maligned and stigmatized population, providing a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Jennifer lives just outside Washington, D.C. with her loving and supportive husband Vladimir, and their feline companions

[Ms. Krochmal has Board Seat C from October 2020 – April 2024]

Duchess Kalisa Aleksandrovna is a 14th-century noblewoman from Pereslavl, now living near Norgorod. After being rescued from the maurading Mongols by a charming Russian Duke, she found that she preferred life as a Duchess on his estates in the coutryside. Her love of justice has led her into situations where a noblewoman should not be, but she nevertheless perseveres. With a menagerie of felines, she treasures her friends and life in a home surrounded by woods filled with mystical unicorns and woodland creatures. She has a deep appreciation for the talented artists of the Knowne World and is always interested in visiting merchants showing her their wares.

Gabrielle “Gabe” Fisher has worked as a Family Law Clerk for over 20 years and works with a law firm based in Lindsay, Ontario. She has a degree from Trent University in Medieval Literature. She lives in a 125-year-old church just northeast of Toronto, Ontario with her dogs and cats. She enjoys working on her church, hiking, kayaking, cooking, and time with friends.

[Ms. Fisher has Board Seat D from October 2022 – October 2024]
Duchess Adrielle Kerrec (OL, OP, CB) is a 14th-century noblewoman, who lives in the Scottish borders where she is the head of the Duchy of Arrochar in service of her Crown and Kingdom. She travels widely and has had the good fortune of sitting as the landed Baroness of Septentria, serving as Kingdom Seneschal and being Queen three times. In the Ealdormerian Line of the North she is known as the predestined, the diligent and the Iron Queen to distant lands. She believes in the words of de Charny “Plan your enterprises cautiously…carry them out boldly.” She can often be found watching the lists at tournament engaging in bold shenanigans.

K. T. “Shep” Sheppard is an Audio-Visual Engineer at Marshal Space Flight Center designing and implementing AV conference rooms for NASA; prior to that he spent eleven years as an IT Consultant for Huntsville City Schools. He is a US Army veteran, lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his lovely wife Alice and their dog Mal. When not at an SCA event or some odd meeting, you can find him out on the disc golf course, traveling or playing D&D with friends, or (as a self-admitted Anglophile) watching a Liverpool footie match (YNWA)!

[Mr. Sheppard has Board Seat F from April 2022 – October 2025]

Graf Ulrich von Brandenburg is the third son of a minor house in the Margraviate of Brandenburg, who joined the third crusade to earn his way in the world. While on crusade he earned title and wealth in service to Crown and Kingdom. Mostly retired from war unless called on by his Crown, he spends his time traveling western Europe, playing at tourney, sampling local cuisine, making friends, and searching for adventure.
Mark Faulcon is an enterprise architect for a large health insurance services organization. For the past 20 years, Mark has worked in the IT field as an executive IT consultant and architect, advising clients of all sizes on cloud adoption and other emerging technologies. Mark makes his home in Orlando, Florida with his wife and family. Grudgingly, he will admit that there are two cats in the house, too. Mark has been in the SCA since birth; his earliest memory in the Society is sitting in the lap of Gyrth Oldcastle when he was King of the East, in 1978.

[Mr. Faulcon has Board Seat G from October 2022 – April 2026]

Duke Martin Lochner, KSCA, OP is a 14th-century Burgundian nobleman serving in the armies of Bertrand du Guesclin in the Hundred Years’ War. When not on campaign, he is to be found riding his favorite horse Jet about his family’s estates in Franche-Comté, or competing in the lists at tournament, although he longs to return to the wonders of the world he saw in his younger campaigning days. He believes himself something of a woodworker and gourmand; his wife would generally agree, although perhaps not to the same degree.
Krista Capps works in Human Resources for a large glass container manufacturer supporting the worldwide wine and spirits industry. She negotiates and interprets collective bargaining agreements with two different Labor Unions, strategizes workforce planning for the production facility, and conducts workplace investigations. Krista lives in the San Joaquin Valley of California with her husband, son, and what is left of her cat. They enjoy traveling and participating in the SCA all over the Known World.

[Ms. Capps will assume Board Seat A in April 2023]

Mistress Bricca di Ghelere, OL, OP, CBAR is a 16th-century Northern Italian lady in the court of the Duke of Milan. She moved with the household of the Duke’s daughter Bianca Maria Sforza to Austria and then to Tyrol after her marriage to Maximilian I in 1494. While at the Court of Maximilian, she discovered a love of fashion and now is determined to be the best-dressed member of the Court.

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