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    Current Board Nominees

    From the Chairman of the Board:

    We need your input! If you have an opinion about any of the nominees, your commentary, both positive and negative, is very much needed and gratefully received by the Board. You may comment on any aspect of the person's suitability as a director that you feel is important. In addition, new nominations are always needed and strongly encouraged as are re-nominations of any who expire. Any SCA member may nominate any member, including themselves. All information received is kept completely confidential, and no one ever sees commentary on themselves.

    Please send all comments and nominations to Chele Martines, Board Recruiting, PO Box 360789, Milpitas CA 95036, Please include your name and address in any letter sent concerning these matters, and remember to include the name and address of anyone you nominate for the Board so that we may contact them. You will receive a response indicating that we received your correspondence - if you don't hear back from us promptly, we did not get your missive.

    Legal Name SCA Name Kingdom on list thru
    Charles BurkBaron Charles de Bourbon, OLAn Tir2020-11
    Monalee KendallBaroness Genevieve McCullum de CaenAnsteorra2020-11
    Russell WeisfieldMaster Jethro StilleOutlands2020-11
    Kendra DeVaughnMistress Kendra DeyGleann Abhann2020-10
    Christopher MillerMeistr Madoc ArundelÆthelmearc2020-10
    Robert Van RenEadric the Potter, OLAtlantia2020-09
    Michael Scott ShappeCount Yehudah ben Yitzhak (aka Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair)Northshield2020-07
    Gigi CoulsonMaestra Giata Magdalena Alberti, OLGleann Abhann2020-06
    Meredith S GuilfordTH Lady Meredith ni ShionniachNorthshield2020-06
    John HigginbothamMaster Gilbert des MoulinsGleann Abhann2020-06
    Johan KriströmWilliam of RichwoodDrachenwald2020-06
    Cathleen TallentCountess Grainne ingen Anlon meic Cerhbaill, OP, OLTrimaris2020-06
    Rendy D. BrelandMistress Olrun ElidasdottirGleann Abhann2020-05
    Angela CostelloBaroness Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina Trimaris2020-05
    Nicolette DeplazesContessa Giulia Isabella da VenezieCalontir2020-05
    Jason LongbergSyr Duncan of SkeeneCalontir2020-05
    Thomas NobleDux Lucius Aurelius Valharic KSCA, OL, OP, Lion of Atenveldt Atenveldt2020-05
    Matthew ParkerTH Lord Saito TakaujiCalontir2020-05
    James SenaTHL Brendan ap LlewelynAn Tir2020-05
    Bryna ChandlerBaroness Verena EntenwirthMiddle2020-04
    Charles Alan ClampetMorgan of OspreyGleann Abhann2020-04
    Kay MeadMeesteres Jutta van der Brugghen, OP Northshield2020-04
    Patrick PhilpotDuke Padruig dubhChlogad, KSCAGleann Abhann2020-04
    Gabrielle UnderwoodDuchess Adrielle Kerrec, OL, OPEaldormere2020-04
    Tom HughesBaron Sean o'Shaughnessy, OPMiddle2019-12
    Erik ContrerazMaster Raven MayneAtenveldt2019-07
    Adam UglumDuke Adhemar de RouenMeridies2019-06
    William ColbertBaron William de Montegilt, OPÆthelmearc2019-05
    Sam DavisDuke Thomas Blackmoore, KSCA, OPMeridies2019-05
    Bart RoegnerSir Barthelmey of IllyriaMeridies2019-05
    Everett S. Wallace, Jr.Master Kevin Eriôl, OPMeridies2019-05
    Lee ForgueDuchess Eilis O'BoirneWest2019-02
    Krysta M. ScottViscountess Krysta of StarfallWest2019-02
    Natalie DegerstromLady Saruca bint LazariEast2019-01
    Ross Quinn-DavisBaron Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan, OPNorthshield2019-01
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