Board of Directors


SCA Ombudsmen

Members of the Board of Directors are assigned duties as Ombudsmen for Society Officers, Board Committees, and Kingdoms. They represent those individuals and groups to the Board, and promote communication and coordination between the Board and the functional personnel of the Society.

SCA participants with concerns about a particular Kingdom, or Corporate office or function should contact the ombudsman responsible for that area.

The current assignments are as follows:

Scott P. R. Berk (Baron Phillip Reed the Facetious, OP)
Ombudsman for: President, Society Seneschal, Corporate Office, Chirurgeon, Financial Officers, Executive Assistant, Grants
Dr. Berk can be contacted at 908-319-1847 or via email at
Andrew Coleman (Jarl Ailgheanan mac Sithigh (KSCA, Duke, Hound of Meridies))
Ombudsman for: Grand Council, Marshal, Ansteorra, Gleann Abhann, Meridies, Trimaris
Mr. Coleman can be contacted at 480-264-9888 or via email at
Lisa Czudnochowsky (Duchess Marion FitzWilliam (OP))
Ombudsman for: Board Recruiting, Arts & Sciences, Drachenwald, Lochac
Ms. Czudnochowsky can be contacted at 416-399-6811 or via email at
Arthur Donadio (Duke Cuan McDaige (KSCA, OP))
Ombudsman for: Legal Committee, Heralds, Artemisia, Atenveldt, Ealdormere, Fifty Year Celebration
Mr. Donadio can be contacted at 910-315-3741 or via email at
John Fulton (Duke John the Bearkiller)
Ombudsman for: Information Technology (Webminister and Webmaster), Calontir, Northshield, Outlands
Mr. Fulton can be contacted at 901-452-9881 or via email at
David Keen (Baron David of Caithness, OP)
Ombudsman for: Æthelmearc, Atlantia, East, Middle, YAFA Committee
Mr. Keen can be contacted at 619-562-3099 or via email at
Lisa May (Countess Margaret ni Conner)
Ombudsman for: Publications (TI, CA, Chronicler), An Tir, Caid, West, APEC/APRC Committee
Ms. May can be contacted at 214-384-3997 or via email at