Deputy for Siege Engines

Siege Warfare — the heavy artillery of the Middle Ages! The sight of giant trebuchets and catapults hurling projectiles at the opposing side makes a large battle even more of a spectacle.

Some combatants in the SCA enjoy building siege weapons and using them on the battlefield to attack forts, castles, and opposing fighters.  Siege weapons range from ballistas (giant mounted crossbows) to large trebuchets. The smaller siege weapons fire bolts or arrows with plastic tube bodies and padded heads, and larger weapons throw “rocks” represented by bundles of tennis balls strung and taped together.

Siege engineers are required to wear armor, since they are on the battlefield and may have encounters with fighters, combat archers, or even missiles from opposing siege engines. They train in the use of their machine, and inspect it and the ammunition before each battle.

To become an engineer, you must have (minimal) armor, and must learn the rules of combat and how to operate the engines properly.

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Deputy for Siege Weapons

Conrad Crews (The Honorable Lord Sean O’Neill)
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