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Rapier Combat

Deputy for Rapier

Master Laertes McBride (Greg Wylie)

Deputy, Special Projects

Mistress Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea (Rozi)

Deputy, Cut and Thrust Combat

Master Robert MacFarland

Rules and Policies:

Rapier Combat Handbook pdf
revised October 2015
Rapier Experiment Proposal Form
To be submitted to the Society Rapier Marshal by Kingdom Rapier Marshals


Greetings from Master Laertes McBride, the Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier.

At the beginning of March, this office announced that it would be forming a committee to evaluate the current rapier combat handbook to ensure that the rules and conventions meet both the community's and Society's current needs and is well positioned for continued evolution. In order to have a thorough and well-rounded review, a call for volunteers was issued.

After reviewing the applications that were received, a total of sixteen volunteers were selected to join the four existing members to undertake the task. Below is the list of the twenty committee members and their home kingdoms. The members of the committee were chosen to represent various backgrounds, expertise and geographical diversity to the extent possible from the pool of applicants. While a representative could not be chosen from every Kingdom, a number of the committee members have lived in multiple Kingdoms and are familiar with different Kingdom cultures and conventions.

Master Illadore de Bedegrayne – Æthelmearc
Master Luciano Foscari – An Tir
Doña Gwenneth Bowynne of Glamorgan – Ansteorra
Master Robin of Gilwell – Ansteorra (Chairman)
Master Koga Takashiro Kagehiro (TakaKensei) – Atenveldt
Master Giacomo Vincènti – Atlantia
Master Llwyd Aldrydd – Atlantia
Don Robert of Clan Gunn – Avacal
Master Oliver Dogberry – Caid
Master Alexandre d'Avignon – Drachenwald
Master Caine Ramsey – East
Master Christian Woolfe – East
Master Wulfram Forester – Gleann Abhann
Master Dameon Greybeard – Lochac
Donna Lindoret of Byrn Myrddin – Lochac
Sir Morgan Ironheart – Meridies
Warder Kai Tseng – Middle
Master Colin MacNish – Middle
Master Simon Morcar – Northshield
Don Antoine deVallier – Outlands

As stated in the call for volunteers, the committee is charged with reviewing all aspects of rapier combat and determining if any changes are required to achieve the stated goal. The current rules and levels of protection are relatively unchanged over the past twenty years. During this time, weapons types, construction and weight have changed significantly. Therefore, the committee has been directed with testing and evaluating the current armor requirements, reviewing weapon classifications and blade types creating a risk assessment based on the changed weapons types against the unchanged armor standards, and discussing all codified conventions that are being used and can foreseeably be used in the future.

The final report is due from the committee by December 1, 2016. After a review by this office and the Society Marshal, the final results of the committee will be forwarded to the Kingdom Rapier Marshals and to the society-at-large for review and comments to determine any further actions.

This office extends a sincere thanks to all those that volunteered to serve and appreciates the time and effort of the committee for the task that lies ahead.

In Service,
Master Laertes McBride
Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier