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SCA Arts & Sciences are all the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced in the time period and cultures that the SCA covers.

The Society Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances. His/her duties include coordinating the efforts of kingdom Arts and Sciences officers, and promoting the dissemination of accurate information about the fields under study. The Minister also assists the Chronicler of the Society and the editors of Society publications in confirming the validity of research presented to the membership.

Society Minister of Arts & Sciences:

Master Raven Mayne, OL (Erik Contreraz)
602-717-9804 (before 10 pm Mountain time)
e-mail: e-mail
Deputy Minister - Science Division
Master Galen of Ockham, OP (Keith E. Brandt, MD), e-mail
Deputy Minister - Science Division (Youth)
TH Lady Saehildr barngódR (Sarah Jean Meyer), e-mail
Deputy Minister for Historical Combat Studies
Master Wistric Oftun, OD, e-mail

Lineage of the Ministry of Arts & Sciences

Society A&S Publications

Subscriptions to Tournaments Illuminated and The Compleat Anachronist can be purchased by Sustaining Members of the SCA. Back issues of TI and CA, along with other A&S publications, are available from the SCA Marketplace

Arts & Sciences Policies & Procedures

Rules for the Study and Education of Historical Combat Techniques within the SCA pdf
Updated version with Appendix of Official Terms - Approved Jan 15, 2006
Known World A & S Collegia/Symposia - Event Proposal Form
Please visit the Society Seneschal's webpage for the most up-to-date version of the Known World Event Policy, which includes procedures for submitting event bids
Known World A & S Collegia/Symposia - Post Event Report Form

Kingdom A&S Officer Reports

Quarterly Report Online Form

1st Quarter Report [for December-January-February] Due March 15th
2nd Quarter Report [for March-April-May] Due June 15th
3rd Quarter Report [for June-July-August] Due September 15th
4th Quarter Report [for September-October-November] Due December 15th

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Officers

Research Links

Events and Projects

  • Known World Symposiums and Academies
    These events promote education and research in fields such as dance, music, spoken word/singing, costuming, calligraphy & illumination, and cookery. They draw SCA participants from far and wide.
  • The Alternate A&S Venue Project - a collection of alternative A&S competition and display formats. If you want to implement an alternative A&S venue or you have one to share, contact Mistress Priscilla the Hun at
  • The Fanfare Project is designed to implement period trumpet calls for heraldic and military purposes. If you wish to contribute or want to incorporate fanfare into your event, contact Lord Nicholas of the North at
  • The Bibliography Project - a proposed Society-wide collection of good sources used by the various artists in various Kingdoms. If you have a good bibliography of sources on any SCA subject you wish to contribute, or if you are interested in working on the project itself, contact the Society Minister of Arts & Sciences at

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