Known World Events

Individual events (Symposia, Collegia, Academies) concentrating on dance, music, spoken word/singing, costuming, calligraphy & illumination, and cookery. They draw SCA participants from far and wide.

See the News & Events page.

Alternate A&S Venue Project

A collection of alternative A&S competition and display formats. If you want to implement an alternative A&S venue or you have one to share, contact Mistress Priscilla the Hun at [email protected].

The Bibliography Project

a proposed Society-wide collection of good sources used by the various artists in various Kingdoms. If you have a good bibliography of sources on any SCA subject you wish to contribute, or if you are interested in working on the project itself, contact the Society Minister of Arts & Sciences at [email protected].

The Fanfare Project

Designed to implement period trumpet calls for heraldic and military purposes. If you wish to contribute or want to incorporate fanfare into your event, contact Lord Nicholas of the North at [email protected].