The William Blackfox Awards

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One of the great delights of holding the office of Society Chronicler is seeing the all the nominations for the Master William Blackfox Awards. The SCA can proudly boast of scores of diligent and hard-working, creative people who publish newsletters for the different groups around the Known World. Every nominee should be proud of their accomplishments! A nomination for these awards is an indication of excellence! Congratulations to all the nominees and winners for the A.S. 36 Master William Blackfox Awards.

In faithful service,
Honor of Restormel, Society Chronicler

Best Overall Newsletter

The newsletter which best meets the needs of the local group or guild for which it is published. It should accurately reflect the status of the group and be a valuable tool for growth and promotion of SCA goals and ideals. Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner:Tal Mere Tidings, Shire of Tal Mere (Meridies), Chronicler: Baron John Ironstone.

The remaining nominees:

Best Layout and Design

For the best-looking newsletter. Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Storm Tidings, Shire of Adamastor (Drachenwald), Chronicler: Myfanwy verch Traehearn

The remaining nominees:

Best Art

For artwork on the cover or interior of the newsletter. Awarded to the newsletter and the artist.

The winner: The Oak Leaf, Shire of Darach (Caid), Chronicler: THLady Eilidh Swann of Strathlachlan. Artwork: Cover of January, February, and March 2002 by THL Egann of Darach Shire.

The remaining nominees:

Best Special Issue

For Arts & Sciences issues, or other limited-focus issues of a geographic group (Canton, Shire, Barony, etc.). Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Tal Mere Tidings,Shire of Tal Mere (Meridies), Chronicler: Baroness Ragnel Gry.Special Arts & Sciences Issue.

The remaining nominees:

Best Special Interest Newsletter

This category recognizes guild newsletters, research newsletters, and Arts & Science focus newsletters (such as lace-making). Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Artes Draconis, Middle Kingdom A & S, Chronicler: Mistress Siobahan O’Neill.

The remaining nominees:

Best Regular Feature

For those cartoons, articles,and columns which appear regularly in the particular newsletter. Awarded to the creator or feature writer and the newsletter.

The winners:
Serpent’s Tongue, Barony of Calafia (Caid), Chronicler: Lady Amanda O’Kellahan. Feature: Garb and Needlework by THL Richenda Coffin.
Song of Llyr, Shire of CarregWen (Caid), Chronicler: Lady Colette Vittraria. Feature: A Snippet of History by Lady Lorraina Tara Morgan Kylander.

The remaining nominees:

Best Article

Recognizes the author of an outstanding article. Awarded to the writer and the newsletter.

The winner: Otherwords from Otherhill, Shire of Otherhill (Artemisia), Chronicler: Mistress Letitia des Montagnes Bleues. Article: “Period Coffee or Caffeine High?”

The remaining nominees:

Honorable Mentions:

These are nominations which didn’t fit into the above categories, yet are still deserving of recognition for their exceptional work and/or dedication to producing the best possible newsletter for the local group served.