The William Blackfox Awards

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There were some very difficult decisions to make to choose the winners; there was so much excellent work to choose from! It is my great pleasure to be a part of this process and to see the beautiful artwork, excellent articles and terrific publications which serve the local populace of the SCA.

Congratulations to all participants in the A.S. 34 Master William Blackfox Awards!

In faithful service,
Honor of Restormel, Society Chronicler

Best Overall Newsletter

The newsletter which best meets the needs of the local group or guild for which it is published. It should accurately reflect the status of the group and be a valuable tool for growth and promotion of SCA goals and ideals. Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Storm Tidings, Shire of Adamastor, (Drachenwald).  Chronicler: Lady Jehane de Huguenin.

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Best Layout and Design

For the best-looking newsletter. Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: The Tydes, Barony of Lyondemere (Caid). Chronicler: Lord Johannes Spiess von Hochwald.

The remaining nominees:

Best Art

For artwork on the cover or interior of the newsletter. Awarded to the newsletter and the artist.

The winner: The Oak Leaf, Shire of Darach (Caid). Artist: Eric Paulson.

The remaining nominees:

Best Special Issue

For Arts & Sciences issues, or other limited-focus issues of a geographic group (Canton, Shire, Barony, etc.). Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Directory for the Barony of Marinus, Barony of Marinus, (Atlantia). Chronicler: Becky Owens.

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Best Special Interest Newsletter

This category recognizes guild newsletters, research newsletters, and Arts & Science focus newsletters (such as lace-making). Awarded to the newsletter and the Chronicler.

The winner: Penfeathers (Meridies). Chronicler: Lady Molli Rose Kekilpenny.

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Best Regular Feature

For those cartoons, articles,and columns which appear regularly in the particular newsletter. Awarded to the creator or feature writer and the newsletter.

The winner: The Oracle, Barony of Bonwicke (Ansteorra). Tales of Sir Lancelittle by Lady Oriana Francesco.

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Best Article

Recognizes the author of an outstanding article. Awarded to the writer and the newsletter.

The winners (TIE):
King’s Garb, Barony of Myrgan Wood (AnTir). The New Millennium (1000 AD) by Wulfric Aethealborne
Clyffe Hangers, Barony of Dun Carraig (Atlantia). The Fourteenth Century Kitchen- A Guided Tour by Minowara Kiritsubo.

The remaining nominees:

Honorable Mentions