The  President  is  the  principal  spokesperson  for  the  SCA.  He/she signs  and  authorizes  instruments  appropriate  to  the  conduct  of  the  SCA’s  proper  business,  and  may  delegate similar responsibilities.


John Fulton (Duke John the Bearkiller)
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Q&A About SCA Corporate Communications

SCA Corporate Communications – Q&A with the SCA’s President – published in the East Kingdom Gazette, March 11, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes

President’s Reports from Board Meetings

The President of the SCA publishes a report within thirty days following each Board meeting. These reports contain the publishable summary and commendation sections from each Society Officer’s report, publishable summaries of any Board Committee presentation, and Requests for Commentary. Please send suggestions and/or observations to [email protected].

These reports do not replace or represent the minutes of the meetings. Minutes from past meetings are available on the SCA Membership portal. Please keep in mind that minutes are not made available until after the Board approves them, usually at the next quarterly meeting.

Reports from Board Meetings

Other Reports