#SCAatHome Highlights

#SCAatHome Highlights 8

May 20, 2020 | 

Kelly Magill

#SCAatHome Highlights

Hello, all #SCAatHome!

This week you might need some eye protection because boy, do we glow!

Kingdoms across the Known World are sharing the transformations of their members from mild-mannered everyday individuals to members of the Courts of the Known World!

The Middle Kingdom’s Glow Up

The Atlantian Glow Up 2020

The East Kingdom Glow Challenge

Calontir Glow Up

Drachenwald Glam shot

West Kingdom #GlowUp Challenge

Gleann Abhann shared their first video

And kept glowing

And glowing

On the martial side of things…..

On the martial side of things, Episode One: Journey to Knighthood, of the Female Knights Roundtable Series 2020 is now available for viewing on youtube

The series will run for six weeks.

Last weekend 403 attendees participated in the 2-day Known World Italian Salone di Fiesole. A posting of google class list with YouTube and handout links will now live on this page: https://fleurtyherald.wordpress.com/known-world-italian-salone/

Well, that’s it for this week! What are you doing to keep YOUR SCA alive? Check-in with all your #SCAatHome friends and family.

Have a great week everyone!

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