#SCAatHome Highlights

#SCAatHome Highlights 5

April 22, 2020 | 

Kelly Magill

#SCAatHome Highlights

Hello, all #SCAatHome!

What’s happening in your SCA community? Here are some highlights from last week!

From the Kingdom of Artemesia…

Unto the Populace of Artemesia,

Our crowns changed hands on Saturday. Their former Majesties stepped down in a private zoom ceremony, voice only. Our New Majesties Damon and Veronique are stepping up and reaching out via FB to their populace. The official coronation will take place in person at the earliest opportunity.

From the Kingdom of Caid…

The April 18, 2020 Online Kingdom of Caid Court of Their Royal Majesties Alexander and Tahira and Their Royal Highnesses Pansa and Katherine. #SCAatHome

Caid is currently setting up a Kingdom YouTube channel and this video will be uploaded there as well in the near future.

From the Kingdom of Ealdormere…

The Kingdom of Ealdormere, Ontario Canada, has created ‘The Social Distancing Dance’ where while safe in the manor homes have danced to the song Safety Dance by the Montreal, Canada group Men Without Hats.

From the Kingdom of the East…

We’ve created an online Google calendar showing all online activities, including the ethereal courts and the Officer 101 Schola:

The online classes are also published here, on the MOAS’s page:

Online courts are happening at the EK’s YouTube channel:

From the Kingdom of Meridies…

The Kingdom of Meridies decided to come together and dance. #scaathome

Join the Kingdom of Meridies in a virtual fashion show! Post pictures of your favorite garb below. Share with us what time period/ culture it is from if you know. Share close up pictures of embroidery/ fine details. Maybe find inspiration for your next event!

From the Kingdom of Northshield…

Northshield had their Ethereal Coronation.

For everyone …

The Barony of the Steppes in the Kingdom of Ansteorra shared this great #SCAatHome activity.

Crossword https://crosswordlabs.com/embed/sca-crossword-2

Known World Map contest deadline coming soon. Get your entries in before April 28, 2020.

Stay safe everyone!

Just a note – Highlights will be moving to Wednesdays starting this week. 

Well, that’s it for this week! What are you doing to keep YOUR SCA alive? Check-in with all your #SCAatHome friends and family!

Have a great week everyone!

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