#SCAatHome Highlights

#SCAatHome Highlights 11

June 19, 2020 | 

Kelly Magill

#SCAatHome Highlights

Hello everyone! We have lots to share this time around but let’s start with the 2020 SCA Census!

SCA 2020 Census

The 2020 SCA Census was launched on June 7th and we are into our final few days. The Census closes on the 21st.You can access the census here: https://scacensus2020a.questionpro.com/

The current numbers as of yesterday are:

Section 1 – Your experience in the SCA, and your thoughts on SCA-related issues – 14,168 participants have viewed the section, and 8,205 have completed the section.

Section 2 – Demographic Information – 7,847 participants have viewed this section, and 6,867 have completed this section.

Section 3 – Questions about negative experiences in the SCA – 7,091 participants have viewed this section, and 6,448 have completed this section.

We thank all that have taken the time to participate in the 2020 SCA Census.

Now onto the week in review…

Coming up in July we have the Known World Colegio de Iberia. The description is

17th – 19th of July 2020 This is a weekend of virtual classes on medieval and early modern Spain and Portugal from the known world! We have teachers from Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia. Come join us!


The online event information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/713973976100679

Have you checked out the Known World Entertainment Guide lately? Well you can access all the upcoming list of online events here: https://tinyurl.com/ybkqmygw

If you would like to contribute to the guide you can submit your event/class here: https://tinyurl.com/y8egqr8t

Known World Entertainment Guide

For those interested in rapier combat, a new video series called ‘Fighting the World’. In this first episode ‘Melee’ is the word of day!#SCAatHome#SCAtrains

From the Kingdom of Atenveldt…

Sir Demetrios of Crete teaches chasing and repousse.

Also from Atenveldt, Roman Cosmetics with Lady Katherine Throckmorton.

A full list of classes from the Atenveldt virtual collegium can be found here:

From the Kingdom of Drachenwald….

Lady Ava examines the history of the song ‘Be Thou My Vision’ https://ava-s-corner.com/2020/06/18/be-thou-my-vision/

From the Kingdom of Ealdormere…

The Ealdormere at Home series of videos to help keep all of our kingdom up to date on the happenings in and around Ealdormere.

From the Kingdom of Lochac…

A reminder from the Kingdom of Lochac which is hosting the virtual Known World Heraldic and Scribal Virtual Symposium that the bookings will close on 3 July 2020.

Seven Prince Electors, circa 1341

Also from Lochac, Lady Gwen verch David continues her examination of the Decameron. 

The Decameron is 14th century Italian collection of short stories, told by characters who are hiding out from the Black Death as it ravages Florence.


From the Kingdom of the Middle…

The Kingdom of the Middle is running a pilot program to match up artisans and scientists with others of similar interests and work to discuss specific projects that have been submitted for discussion.

Here are the projects that we are looking for people to listen/watch/learn about and then give thoughts and informal feedback, tips, suggestions, and other lessons learned:


“An Aria and a Monody by from the 16th Century” (Vocal Performance w/Accompaniment)

“A Queen’s Love For Her Subjects” (Poetry)

“How Comes a Man to Be That Which He Is” (Poetry)


“Beginning Drop Spindle Work” (Spinning)

“Cotton Embroidery in Mamluk Egypt” (Needlework/Counted Thread)

“Embroidered Welsh Dragon” (Needlework/Counted Thread)

“10th Century Kievan Rus Kaftan” (Costume)”

“16th Century Knitted Gloves” (Knitting)


“16th Century Garnet Pendant” (Decorative Metalwork)

“Norse Coin Purse” (Leatherwork)

“Wood Box Pyrography with Heraldry and Decoration” (Wood Embellishment)

“The Wanderer: Old English Poetry, and What it Tells Us About Warfare, Honor, & PTSD in the Anglo-Saxon Period” (Research Paper)


“Late 14th Century Italian Scroll” (Calligraphy & Illumination)

“Original Design Based on 14th Century Rothschild Pentateuch (IIllumination)


“Reclaiming a Recipe: 16th Century Polish Beer Cheese Soup” (Cooking)

If ANY of these projects sound exciting to you and you’d like to offer your name to our artisans for discussion, please sign up here:


Once you sign up, click that you are going to attend the 2020 Virtual Artisan Meet-Up.

Then once you have registered, click “User Preferences” and “Manage Judging Preferences” – click on the areas that are of interest to you.  This will help us match you up in the future, even if there are no matches this time around.

The entries are from the Midrealm only for this pilot project, but the conversation partners are welcomed from all over the Knowne World!

From the Kingdom of Meridies…

From the Kingdom of Meridies we have the Meridies Ministers of Children Dance Off.

From the Kingdom of the West….

Duke Mark Arundel, West Kingdom, part of an A&S project studying Joachim Meyer’s 1570 work, ‘The Art of Combat’ and how instructions across multiple weapons give us universal lessons on how to fight.

Well that’s all for now! Remember to #BeSeen and #BeHeard telling us what you think by completing the 2020 SCA Census! Census closes June 21, 2020.


What are you doing to keep YOUR SCA alive? Check-in with all your #SCAatHome friends and family!

Stay healthy everyone!

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