People on the Move – Director Elect Seat B

October 20, 2023 | 

SCA Communications

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Megan O’Shea (THL Sumayya al Ghaziyya) as the Director-Elect for Seat B. She will assume the position from Director Ross Roegner at the close of the October 2023 quarterly meeting.

Megan O’Shea is a psychologist who works primarily with rural clients. Completing her doctorate in 2019 she has completed research on the negative impact of stereotypes on military populations. She’s lived in various places along the East Coast (with a side quest in Ohio for her internship) before finding a great home with happy bats in the NW panhandle of West Virginia. When she’s not at an SCA event, she can be found spending time with her husband Marcus and their dogs, doing random art – or buying Halloween decorations.

Sumayya al Ghaziyya is an Ottoman from 16th century Istanbul. Living on the coast she often spent time with Corsairs when they came to trade, though she also spends significant time helping family and friends. She has found joy in creating obscure arts and learning different techniques that people use to make themselves more aesthetically pleasing. Her motto is “for the joy of it is sacred” and she has taken this to heart in all of the activities she participates in.

As new Directors are seated each April and October, candidates for the Board are continually being solicited. SCA Inc or affiliate individuals may be nominated by SCA members and participants or can be self-nominated. No special experience is required, and candidates do not need to have specialized modern degrees. They also need not be peers – experience from every aspect of the Society is desired.

To make a nomination, (or to nominate yourself), please forward a Modern Name, SCA Name, and email address to [email protected]

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