People on the Move – Corporate Treasurer

February 17, 2022 | 

SCA Communications

The Board of Directors is pleased to appoint Carolyn Richardson (Baroness Tetchubah of Greenlake, OL, OP) to the role of Corporate Treasurer.

Carolyn Richardson, EA, MBA graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Accounting degree in 1984. After six years as a Revenue Agent with the IRS, she then worked programming tax software for CCH for the next 17 years, and earned an MBA in Finance in 2007. She then spent a couple of years working at two Los Angeles area CPA firms before joining in 2009 as a tax professional. She was promoted to head the Education Department in 2012 and continues to work as the Lead Managing Editor on continuing education content creation, tax research, and blog writing. In her spare time, in addition to the SCA, she participates in historical dance in the greater Los Angeles area, grows vegetables, hangs out with friends, and travels to Europe, especially Italy, as much as she can. She is currently widowed and lives with her cat and an older roommate.

Baroness Tetchubah of Greenlake, OL, OP, is a 16th century Englishwoman with an artistic inclination who lived in London before meeting a visiting Italian illuminator who sparked her interest in all things illumination. He convinced her to return to Florence with him, and she eloped with him despite the disapproval of her family. Sadly, her husband died during one of the many plagues to hit Florence, leaving her to fend for herself as an illuminator for hire. She would return to England, but she likes the clothing, food, and weather better in Italy.

The Treasurer reports directly to the Chair of the Board of Directors and is responsible for maintaining detailed accounts of the SCA’s business transactions. The position requires a professional understanding of financial accounting for nonprofit organizations, and the ability to provide reports of the financial condition of the SCA as requested by the Board.

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