Membership Portal Delay – Manual Processing Available

January 10, 2023 | 

SCA Communications

Please be advised that California (specifically Northern California, where the SCA Corporate office is located) is currently under a State of Emergency for severe winter weather and flooding. This has delayed the transition of the new SCA Membership Portal. Systems will be restored as soon as possible.

If you urgently need to purchase or renew your membership, please email [email protected] who will send you the relevant form(s).

Upon receipt of the forms:

  1. You can fill out the attached form(s) and scan them back to [email protected].
  2. If scanning isn’t an option, you can just reply to this email with the relevant information (names, member IDs, mailing addresses, how many years you are renewing).
  3. Depending on how you would prefer to pay, you can include your credit card information on the membership forms, or the office can send you a PayPal invoice.

We’ll get your membership renewed manually right away upon receipt, and send you a confirmation email you can use for events and registrations. Thank you again for your patience.

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