Membership Card Update

April 12, 2023 | 

SCA Communications

I am pleased to announce that Membership Cards are back! If you’ve renewed your membership during the past quarter and elected to receive a paper membership card, keep an eye on your mailbox. The files are at the printer and all cards will go out via USPS beginning Wednesday, April 19. Going forward, membership cards will be printed and mailed twice a month to ensure that people who select the physical card option will receive it in a timely fashion. 

A new fully-digital option for your SCA Membership Card will shortly be available. Proof of membership details will also continue to be accessible through the Membership Portal.

Transferring from our old system to a completely new type of CRM certainly presented some unique challenges from a data import perspective, but I am happy to report that nearly all issues affecting member profiles have been resolved. Thank you to everyone who has patiently assisted us with discovering and resolving these bugs so far.

As you may know, this significant systems upgrade coincided with some extremely severe winter weather in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Corporate Office is located, and our small staff is now working through a significant backlog of requests and communications. We have temporarily taken on additional resources to address this, and it is anticipated that membership processing will return to a more regular cadence from late April onward.

The need to find new software also presented us with the opportunity to reduce related costs.  Our new member software represents an 83% annual savings compared to our previous system. This is part of our ongoing drive to find appropriate corporate savings wherever possible. 

Thank you once again to everyone for their kindness and patience during this time. I continue to investigate opportunities to improve the portal experience based on your feedback and can be contacted at [email protected].  Please note that due to the high volume of correspondence we have received there may be some delays in response time.   

Yours in Service,

Louise Du Cray 
Vice President for Corporate Operations & Member Services

Louise Du Cray
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