Issue 199 of the Compleat Anachronist Now Available!

June 19, 2023 | 

SCA Communications

The latest edition of the Compleat Anachronist is now available in the SCA Marketplace!

Written by Matthew Parker, a 21st-century lawyer, Compleat Anachronist issue 199 – De Commentarii Legum et Curia Angliae (Commentaries on the Laws and Courts of England) Part 1allows anyone interested in law and/or history to learn about 16th-century English law and understand how it developed from foundations laid in previous centuries.

These commentaries provide modern readers with a view on English laws and legal structures as they existed largely in and leading up to the 16th century. Civil, common, and canon law are covered, along with the education of lawyers in Tudor England, law versus equity, peerage law, the major courts of the Tudor period, and the role of Sir Thomas More, one of the most influential 16th-century English lawyers. 

Get your copy now!

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