Feedback received by SCA Inc.

April 25, 2023 | 

SCA Communications

Recently the following statement occurred on the personal Facebook page of the Board’s Executive Assistant, Leslie Luther-Fulton

‘My husband is a very wise man. He reminded me that 125 of 25000 is one-half of one percent. And that is my vague booking for the day 🙂 “

The statement was removed after approximately 20 minutes.

While it is not normally the practice of SCA Inc. to comment on the personal posts of its employees, the statement has been interpreted as a sign of disregard or contempt for the feedback SCA Inc. receives from participants.

Mr Fulton’s full quote which was paraphrased by his wife is as follows:

‘Over the last five years the 125 or so people removed from the Society do not represent at all the vast numbers of the members let alone those who participate and are not members. Maybe one half of a percent of everyone who is just a member.’

Ms Luther-Fulton apologizes for the impression her post created.

All feedback that is received by SCA Inc. is read and actively considered. Changes and improvements to how the Society and the corporation works have been made based on previous feedback received and will continue to be made.

We thank everyone who cares enough to take the time to share their thoughts and ideas for the future.

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