Donations Preserving Our Past for the Future

September 27, 2022 | 

SCA Communications

The time is drawing close for the SCA Archive to take the first step of its journey to a new home and your group can help this happen! Donations by Kingdoms, Baronies, Shires and Colleges can actively help the Society build and shape our future through preserving our archives. Your group’s support will assist us maintain the context and ensure survival of meaningful content within the archive.

Volunteers are assisting our Archivist, CT Alderson (Aldred von Lechsen Aus Froscheim, OP) to sort and pack the Archive for transfer to the Corporate Office while its next home is finalised. This is a large undertaking and while volunteers are assisting in the work to reduce the costs, it will still cost several thousand dollars.

If your group or individuals would like to make a donation to assist with offsetting these costs, they would be gratefully received.

Donations can be made here.

Image: A copy of the October 1968 Affidavit for Incorporation by Jon De Cles as Steward/President and Diana Paxson Studebaker as Mistress of Arts/Secretary held within the Archive.

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