Deputy Society Marshals for Thrown Weapons and Target Archery Appointed

November 8, 2023 | 

SCA Communications

Maestra Arabella da Siena, Marshal of the Society, is pleased and proud to advise the appointment of Deputy Society Marshals for Thrown Weapons and Target Archery.

Adam Burnham (he/him/his) is a a Business Operations Analyst for a bank. He works on gathering and writing specifications, preparing data for testing, processing data and analyzing it for results. This includes gathering input, filtering that input down to the core items needed then writing specifications and instructional documentation. Adam also enjoy Legos (star wars in particular), kayaking, fishing, and woodworking so if he’s not on the range he is probably doing one of these other interests.

Master Viði Hovdestad (pictured left), OP is a Norse, 13th century gentle, based on the family farmstead (that he hopes to visit in person one day) from the Kingdom of Northshield, Barony of Nordskogen. He started in the SCA almost 20 years ago by wandering out to the archery range at my first event and have been going back ever since. He shoots modern recurve, Asiatic recurve, Longbow and Crossbow within the SCA. Master Viði also participates in leagues and competitions in the state of MN and in USA Archery in the Barebow category and enjoys helping people get started in archery and finding ways for people to participate. Whether they need period gear, modern gear, or specialty gear there is a place on the range and he will help find ways to make that happen. He has served as Baronial Captain, Regional Deputy and Kingdom Archer General.

Jon Libby (he/him/his) is the Assistant Director of Student Services for a school district outside of Boston, MA. Among other responsibilities, he oversees Special Education and Section 504. He has deep professional knowledge of disability and applicable laws. Jon regularly advises school faculty to “go where the data take us” when making decisions about how to support students and families. He is passionate about inclusion and building success for all students, including students who are neurodiverse, gender diverse, multilingual, and of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Jon served as a Trustee for his local synagogue board, the chair of the synagogue bylaws committee, and a member of the synagogue education committee.

Pandaulf (pictured right) is from England in the early thirteenth century. He is a gentle who works to serve the populace of the realm. In the SCA, Pandaulf hails from the East Kingdom. He became a Thrown Weapons Marshal at Pennsic XXVII and has worked for over 25 years to grow the Thrown Weapons program and make it inclusive to youth and throwers with physical challenges and neurodiversity. Along the way, he has collaborated with the thrown weapons community from many kingdoms. Pandaulf served as the East Kingdom’s Northern and Central Regional Deputy as well as a Marshal at Large. He was the Deputy Marshal in Charge of Thrown Weapons at Pennsic XLVIII. During the pandemic shutdowns, Pandualf led a workgroup of throwers and thrown weapons marshals from five Kingdoms on how to make accommodations so that thrown weapons is an activity accessible to all.

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