Board of Directors Message March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020 | 

SCA Team


We, as a society, are in a unique situation currently with how to continue the business of the SCA while protecting our membership’s health with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our various Kingdoms have governments either recommending or mandating responses to COVID-19. We ask that all Kingdoms monitor and follow the recommendations from their respective authorities. These challenges are forcing us to look at new ways to speedily address the business of the SCA so that we can continue in a safe and practical way.

With this, we continue to support our Kingdom Seneschals and Crowns in their decisions to cancel and/or alter events as needed. In the SCA there have always been certain events, like Crown and Coronation, that are required by Corpora. Since typical formats are no longer an option for so many, we are encouraging kingdoms to apply for variances and to think creatively in how they approach these events. The variance process will be streamlined with a new online format for submitting requests that the Kingdom Seneschals can utilize. Every kingdom is unique in culture and tradition. This is one thing we deeply understand and do not wish to put a “one size fits all” mandate forth to the populace. We ask that the kingdoms think outside the box and to continue to be thoughtful towards their populace in making these decisions. Several variances of this nature have already been issued and we expect more to come.

As you can imagine, the Board will not be meeting in person for our regularly scheduled April board meeting. Instead, we will be utilizing technology to hold our meeting remotely via webcam. While it is not ideal, we are committed to working together to move the SCA forward.

In this time of uncertainty, we need our community now more than ever, but many are having to self isolate. Luckily, the Dream isn’t any one event, but the people within it. In that vein, we urge you to connect where you can if that is something you need: utilize video chats with your friends, host an online class, bring back pen pals and write letters to the friends you missed at war. Check-in with each other any way you can, but above all, be kind and try to remain calm. Thank you so much for all you do for Society and keeping the Dream alive!

Yours in Service,
Board of Directors Society for Creative Anachronism

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ASL/Case Translation 
(With thanks to Katalena Ivaniaia, the Middle Kingdom’s Sign Herald)

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