April 2020 State of the Known World chat with John Fulton and Gigi Coulson

April 26, 2020 | 

Kelly Magill

Chat With president john fulton

Greetings Known World! In the video Gigi Coulson, member of the Board of Directors for the Society for Creative Anachronism sits down to chat with John Fulton, President of the SCA, about the State of the Known World in April of 2020.

We want to keep you all updated on what is going on across the SCA right now.
Here are the topics covered in this chat:

• State of the Known World at this moment in April of 2020
o Great Kingdom leadership
o Variances encouraged
o Participation has changed but is still happening

• Guidance and Information
o Crowns & Seneschals are the place to look during pandemic & after
o BoD Meeting minutes published, meeting more frequently
o Officers across the KW have virtual classes, events, challenges

• Non-Profit Status
o Renee/John/Mike handling operations
o BoD is meeting to fulfill other requirements
o A drop in membership renewals from last April (monitoring)
o Right now fine, but monitoring and will keep the info coming as the months go on

• BoD
o Meeting virtually more often for the foreseeable future
o Ombudsmen available to Seneschals and Crowns for advice or information
o Virtual meet and greet is in the works

• SCA in the time of Pandemic
o Hobbies aren’t the priority right now, but we can still use the intellectual stimulation, the camaraderie, and the joy we get from the SCA
o Virtual everything.
o Our mission is still being accomplished

o We can still pay our bills

o We see you; we are still thinking of you and working for you

o We want you to see us
▪ so we will be having more chats
▪ we are planning a virtual meet & greet

We really appreciate you giving us some of your time while juggling life, family, kids, work, staying-at-home, and slowing the spread of coronavirus.

chat again, soon. Have a good one, my friends!

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