2019 SCA Kingdom Seneschal Symposium a Success!

December 19, 2019 | 

SCA Team

The 2019 SCA Kingdom Seneschal Symposium, held in Milpitas, California, was a great success, with representatives from 18 of 20 kingdoms present. At this Symposium there were considerable discussions regarding the new 2020 Sanction Manual, the Bullying and Harassment Procedures, changes in corporate matters, and other administrative matters related to duties and responsibilities of Regional Vice-Presidents (Kingdom Seneschals). Kingdom Seneschals shared their own experiences and issues related to their respective Kingdom offices.

Several Corporate Officers made subject matter presentations on various topics including, but not limited to: Diversity and Inclusion for Seneschals by Jessica Van Hatten; W9s, 1099s, and the Event Module by Mazelle Attiya; Corporate and Kingdom Interactions by John Fulton; Rule Compliance and Sanctions by Mike Watkins; and SCA Administrative and Corporate Matters by Renee Signorotti and Theresa Anderson. Thanks to Theresa and Renee for arranging for the meeting space and amenities!

Corporate Officers received many comments and feedback on issues and procedures from Kingdom Seneschals during the numerous discussions in the day-long Symposium with many more follow-up conversations to be conducted. Mike Watkins, the Society Seneschal, extends his deepest thanks and appreciation to all of the Kingdom Seneschals who attended and to the Corporate Officers who made presentations at the meeting. We have an outstanding cadre of Kingdom Seneschals dedicated to the administration of their respective Kingdoms to further the enjoyment of the Society by the membership.

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