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Does your kingdom list its local US groups' territories by County name instead of town or zip code? Use this Lookup tool to determine the county your town/zip code is in.

How to Find Your Local SCA Group

The SCA has hundreds of local chapters; here's how to find the group nearest you.

Who can help you?

The primary contact point in every group is the "Seneschal", or group president. Some groups also have an officer whose job it is to assist newcomers; they are usually called the "Chatelaine", "Hospitaller", or "Castellan".

(When phoning an SCA officer, it's best to ask for them by their legal name, even if their SCA name is listed. Most of these people do go to work during the day, so please call after working hours, and before 10 p.m. (2200 hours) their local time.

Where are they?

The SCA divides our "Known World" up into kingdoms, which contain smaller chapters known as Baronies, Shires, and Cantons. These local groups organize and run SCA events, practices, and meetings. In order to get together with SCA participants in your area, you will need to contact someone from one of these groups.

How do I find them?

  1. Use the SCA Kingdom Lookup Tool to find the kingdom that contains your state (or province, or country).
  2. Follow the link to that kingdom's webpage and look for a link to Groups or Branches (the link might also be called "Maps", "Territories", or be under "New to the SCA?" or "Kingdom Information"). Some kingdoms have a form that allows you to look up your local group.
  3. The listing for your local group will include a local contact, and often has a link to the local group's website.

If you have trouble reaching someone in your local group, get in touch with the Kingdom Chatelaine or Seneschal. You can find their contact info on the Kingdom Officers' page (sometimes called "Regnum" or "Witan") on the kingdom website.

When all else fails -- contact the Corporate Office

You can call or write to the central offices of the SCA Inc. and ask them for help contacting the nearest SCA group. If you are in the USA, include your 5-digit ZIP Code. If you send a letter, it would be helpful to supply a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Society for Creative Anachronism
P.O. Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789

Phone: (800) 789-7486, (408) 263-9305
9:30 am - 4 pm Pacific Time, Monday-Thursday.
Fax: (408) 263-0641
available 24 hours/day, except after noon on the last working day of the month, for the month-end close.


Local Groups in Australia and New Zealand

There are webpages to help you find the local groups in Australia and New Zealand
or you can write to the Australian registrar or New Zealand registrar.

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