Board meetings have a 10:00 am start time unless otherwise stated. All SCA participants are welcome to attend. Attendees are asked to wear modern clothing to Board meetings.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held at the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 1989 East Calaveras, Milpitas, California, at other locations, or online, as listed.

The deadline to submit items for a meeting’s agenda is usually the 1st of the month in which the meeting is being held.

Recordings of meetings held via GoToWebinar are uploaded at a later date the the SCA’s YouTube Channel.

2022 Quarterly Meetings:


Agendas for upcoming meetings

Agendas may be changed without notice. Please contact the Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, Leslie Luther-Fulton, at, should you have questions regarding this preliminary agenda.

Comments on any proposal before the Board should be sent to Correspondence concerning a particular Corporate function, office, or kingdom can be sent to the director responsible for that area (see each director’s ombudsman listing).

Mail for members of the Board may also be addressed to the Corporate Office:

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
P.O. Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789


Minutes of Board meetings are available on the Digital Newsletter website, which can be accessed by Sustaining and International Members.

Paper subscriptions to the Board Minutes can be purchased when you buy or renew a Sustaining or International membership. To add a subscription to an existing membership, please contact Member Services.

Hosting Board Meetings

Kingdoms interested in hosting a Board Meeting should contact the Corporate Office for more information.

Please note: For meetings not held in Milpitas, California, the procedure is to rotate the meetings among the different parts of the Known World. This scheduling is done one to two years in advance (often before a Kingdom Calendar is populated). While Corporate Operations reviews the Kingdom Calendar before scheduling a meeting, and sends an email to the Kingdom Seneschal long before a meeting is finalized, it is not possible to guarantee that conflicts will always be avoided.