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Tournaments Illuminated Review Board

Tournaments Illuminated  is looking for volunteers with expertise in all Society activities for the new TI  review board.

In order to ensure the articles published in TI  are of a high quality and as accurate as possible, we are starting a list of people who are willing to review submissions for content. Our intent is that all article submissions to TI  will go through this process.

Unfortunately, the editorial team are not experts in every Society art, science, martial activity, or administrative area. That's where we need the help of those who are. We will be creating a pool of volunteers who are willing to review articles and provide constructive and objective criticism.

Because of the breadth of the SCA's scope, it is possible you may never be called upon to review an article -- or you may be called more frequently. If you volunteer to assist, it is important that you be willing to meet deadlines for providing feedback. All reviews will be conducted via e-mail and through a website, so you must also have reliable Internet access.

If you are willing to volunteer your knowledge to help improve TI, please e-mail the following information to

  • SCA name
  • Modern name
  • Contact info (e-mail address)
  • Areas of expertise
  • What are your qualifications in these areas? (e.g. SCA awards, modern degrees/certifications, years of experience, etc.)

It is our hope that this will help take Tournaments Illuminated  to the next level and result in a quality publication that is not only interesting to read, but contains well-researched, accurate, and useful information.

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