SCA Census 2010

October, 2011

Greetings unto the Known World,

The Census Committee is proud to present the next releases of data from the SCA 2010 Census. The releases primarily focus on the questions around Peerage Options and Same Gender Consorts. There was a lot of data to analyze and we have aggregated the results in PowerPoint presentations with tables and charts, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents of findings based on the data. These files can be downloaded below.

The Census Committee was very aware of the focus and importance of these particular questions and took every means possible to create a statistically accurate representation of the data. The data was reviewed and analyzed from many different angles. We would like to thank all of the individuals who took the time to express their opinions as well as the volunteers who took time from their busy lives to assist in processing and analyzing the data.

The Census Committee will continue to process the remaining Census data over the coming quarters in order to provide more detailed analyses and actionable insights and recommendations for society and kingdom officers, as well for as the general populace, relating to other topics measured by this survey. Data and findings will be released as they are finalized; please check back on this page.

If you have any questions or comments, requests or suggestions for special or specific analyses or future surveys, offers to help, or feedback about the SCA 2010 Census please send them to

Thank you,
Paul Haines (Alden Drake) and Daniel Fenwick (Daniel de Blare)
Co-Chairs, SCA 2010 Census Committee

Lisa Sawyer (Isabeau of Prague)
John Rudin, Ph.D. (Robin of Gilwell)
Dave Majors (Dafydd Blaidd)
Max Nelson (Max von Halstern)
Julia Smith, Ph.D. (Juliana de Luna)
Mark Waks (Justin du Coeur)
Sarah Lash, Ph.D. (Sibyl Sevenoke)
Lew Wolkoff (Eleazar ha-Levi)
Kay Mead (Jutta van der Bruegghen)
  Rob Bolin (Adair MacDermid)
Neil Perrie (Will of Okewaite)
Mildred Savidge (Jaquelinne Sauvageon)
Ward Ballard (Bertrand d'Avignon)
Wendy Erisman, Ph.D. (Gwenllian ferch Maredudd)
Benjamin M. White (Connor MacGillivray)
Josh Handel (Martin Malone)
Kate Daniel (Maimuna al-Bukhariyya)
Mike Squires (Alan Culross)

Board Ombudsman: Denise Hundley (Denise Duvalier)

Files Available for Download

Background - Why and how the Census was set up

Release 1: July, 2011

  • Presentation of Results: the survey responses, with charts and tables – Powerpoint or PDF format
  • Core Key Findings: PDF or RTF/Word format
  • Original Survey (PDF)
  • Basic Data Tables: (the totalled answers for each survey question) – PDF or RTF/Word format
  • eNewsletter Data Table: Excel or PDF format
Updated July 26, 2011
Thank you for the feedback on the released data. We have making corrections as they are reported to us and we are able to resolve them. Please keep the feedback coming.

Release 2: October, 2011

Key Findings - New Martial Peerage Options

Key Findings - Same-Gender Consorts

Data Cross tabulations (Excel spreadsheets)

Future Releases: Late Fall 2011 (est) and Early 2012 (est)

  • Presentation Slides from new cross tabulations
  • Key Findings from new cross tabulations
  • Closed-ended corporate related questions
  • Open-ended corporate related questions

A special thanks goes to those folks who have assisted us in an advisory capacity including:
Casey Weed (Dieterich Kempenich von Eltz)
Kathleen O'Brien (Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada)
Pug Bainter (Phelim Gervase)
Kate Daniel (Maimuna Al-Bukhariyya)
Ren Fridenberg (Katrine la Esclopiera)
Coni Jo Steelquist (Ebergardis von Zell)
Carol Ross (Genevieve de Courtanvaux)