Society Publications Officer

The Publication Officer oversees, and is a resource for, the Society officers who work with publications and publishing. These include the Society Chronicler, the Society Archivist, and the officers who manage the The Compleat Anachronist, Tournaments Illuminated, the Archery Community Newsletter (Quivers and Quarrels), and the SCA Archive and Collection at UCR Library.

Publications Officer

Gloria Woodard is a traveler who spends as much time as possible with her two children and three grandchildren.
Countess Honor of Restormel, OP is an 11th century Anglo Saxon.
Gloria can be contacted at or 804-243-6874 (before 10 pm Eastern).

Publication Release Forms

Copyright assigment/Grant of Use Forms, Photographer and Model Release Forms

Society Chronicler

Kingdom Newsletters

Kingdom E-Newsletters website
Discontinue Paper Newsletters
FAQ #1 about Electronic Newsletters
FAQ #2 about Electronic Newsletters

Compleat Anachronist

Tournaments Illuminated

Quivers and Quarrels

(Available online to kingdom newsletter subscribers)

Known World Handbook

The Fourth Edition of the Known World Handbook is currently available for sale. We are not accepting new articles at this time.

An errata sheet for the fourth edition is online. Contributors or readers who find additional details that need to be corrected should contact us so that we may update the errata sheet.

Society Archivist

Master Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim (Charles Alderson)

The Society Archivist is soliciting submissions for our archive. Kingdoms and local groups are encouraged to send copies of all their publications for future reference. The archive materials are also available for viewing by appointment.

University of California Riverside Library – SCA Special Collection and Archive

Contact: Countess Leonora Morgana (Stacie Tibbetts);; 714-544-8490 (before 8pm PST)

This collection is scheduled to open to the public in 2011 and will be a permanent archive.

We are currently accepting submissions: specific issues of Tournaments Illuminated (please check with Countess Leonora for the issue numbers needed), arts and sciences publications, kingdom histories, relevant theses, local and kingdom newsletters, photographs, event publications, videos, newspaper clippings (must include newspaper name, city and date), copies of kingdom law (past and present), personal SCA diaries, and music, books and publications about the Society. Please note that this collection is for media only and does not include any artifacts.
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