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Combat Archery

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Master Hugh Prescott


Combat Archery Ammunition (August 22, 2008)
Effective immediately, the following changes to equipment are required due to repeated incidents of helm penetrations:
  • Combat Archery ammunition may have at most 1.25" thick padding on the tip after taping.
  • All UHMW & Siloflex/Rubber Stopper ammunition must have a side wrap of foam added that brings the total diameter of the blunt to at least 1.5" after taping. This wrap must extend from the tip to at least 1/2" over the UHMW or Siloflex itself.
  • All fletches on any arrows, bolts, or thrown weapons can project no further than 1/2" from the shaft, or must be 1.5" thick.
NOTE: All Marshals need to be rigorous in their inspections of all tips (arrows & thrusting) and mass weapons. Ensure that the foam is firm, will not bend over, returns to shape when compressed, and can not be easily pushed into a legal helm more than 1/2".

One-piece Baldar Blunts banned (July 21, 2008)
Effective immediately, due to manufacturing issues, all one-piece Baldar Blunts are banned from use on fiberglass shafts in Combat Archery. Read more.

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