Society Equestrian Marshal

Policies and Regulations

SCA Equestrian Handbook

Updated October 2018

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Equestrian Waivers and Signage

Interpretations of Policies in the Handbook:

Children under 5 interacting with horses at SCA events (2014)

History: In the past, there has been inconsistent interpretation on whether or not children under 5 could interact with horses at SCA events, due in part to the Authorization minimum of 5 years old. After discussion with BOD legal, we have determined that we do not prohibit children under 5 interacting with horses. However, we do need to make sure we (the SCA) are not part of the decision process in any way to allow such interaction, and that the sole responsibility for any interactions falls upon the parent/guardian. Typical example: families with children under 5 used to care and feeding of their horses at home. Marshals always retain the right to stop any activity that endangers others or the SCA.

Policy clarification: "Per Society Rules, minors must be 5 years or older in order to Authorize in Equestrian. For equine interactions and activities that do not require an authorization, the Society does not prohibit children under 5 years of age. However, the Society of Creative Anachronism, Inc., its organizers and agents, officials, servants, and representatives, are not and will not be part of any decision process concerning minors under 5 years of age and in equestrian interactions and activities. These decisions are solely the responsibility of the parents and horse owner."

"The parents or guardians of minors must fully recognize and acknowledge that equestrian activities are inherently dangerous and must sign the Society Equestrian Waiver to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with equines. Parents or Guardians must fully accept any and all liability for any injury or death to a minor child arising from interaction with equines and the decision to participate is solely upon the parent or guardian."

Required Equestrian paperwork at SCA events/practices (2014)

History: There has been a large variance in the application of the rule concerning required equine health paperwork at SCA events. Some eastern and southern kingdoms believed they were required to check Coggins and Health Certificates for every event. Verification of health paperwork is NOT an SCA requirement. It is a site-specific requirement. There are already state laws governing the required paperwork to cross state borders for a show/event. It is not our job to check compliance with state/interstate laws unless the site (or state) specifically requires it.