Society Equestrian Marshal

Experimental Equestrian Activities

Below are the current approved experimental programs. If you would like to take part in any of them, please review the details and then get in touch with the person listed for each program.

Rossfechten (Mounted Combat with Additional Simulators)
Armoured knights fighting from horseback is an excellent example of the combat conducted in the Middle Ages. The experimental Rossfechten program (mounted combat with special simulators/weapons) extends the SCA's entry level mounted combat activities into advanced levels, and provides an opportunity for SCA members to more accurately re-enact medieval combat and the techniques described in period fighting manuals.

Mounted to Ground Combat (Planned for mid-2018)
Two major elements of the SCA are medieval combat and research into medieval techniques and practices. Knights on horseback are the quintessential image in virtually everyone's mind when you mention the Middle Ages. While a jousting tournament plays a big role, most people also envision medieval warfare between armies — complete with armored knights fighting against mounted and ground forces.

The Mounted-to-Ground experimental program will develop a methodology and set of procedures to enable fighters on horseback to safely engage with fighters on the ground (and vice versa), with the goal of conducting Ground to Mounted combat scenarios.