Society Equestrian Marshal

Equestrian Waivers and Signage

SCA Equestrian Marshal's Guide to Adult Equestrian Liability Waivers and Signage in the 50 States (USA) revised 2007
– Waivers: pages 2-47
– Signage requirements: pages 48-60
You must use the equestrian waiver for the state in which you are holding the event. If your state does not have a specific waiver, then use the General Equestrian Waiver
Large Equestrian Warning Signs (one-inch high lettering)
print as four 11" x 17" pages
print as 30" x 44" poster (plotter required)

About Waivers

Equestrian Waiver Policy Clarification
PDF | Microsoft Word
On Minor Waivers (July 1, 2007)
Any minor participating in Equestrian Activities must have their parent or legal guardian sign for the minor on the adult Equestrian waiver (general or State specific, whichever is used by adults at the event/practice). Where the waiver says "Legal name", write "<parent's name> as parent/legal guardian on behalf of <minor's name>", and then have the parent sign.