Commitment to SCA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

January 12, 2023 | 

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The Board of Directors recognizes and thanks the members and participants who have taken the time to share their thoughts about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the SCA. It is a sign of the passion that people have for our organization, its communities, and making it better and more accessible for all.

The Board remains committed to the Society’s equity journey, diversity in our membership, and the broader contributions that these aspects make to becoming a more inclusive organization. The limitless ways diverse needs can intersect and change is why we always need to be looking to provide better help and support beyond what is already being done and admitting when things can be done better.

The Society has grown and changed throughout its 56-year history. Going as far back as 1978, when the Board upheld the right of women to fight in Crown List, to confirming the right for same-sex couples to hold territorial baronial seats, the subsequent acceptance of same-sex couples in Crown Lists, and the ongoing work of the College of Arms for cultural and gender affirming heraldry and titles, the Board has been making steady changes towards inclusion for years following the procedures prescribed in Corpora. We have seen work led by the DEI Office help us update our Mission Statement to expand our focus to pre-17th world history, improve our policy positions and increase the education resources available. Most recently the Board developed and subsequently endorsed the Oral History proposal and committed to an initial calendar of Days of Recognition. It is with grateful thanks that we acknowledge the work undertaken by many individuals that has led to this growth.

DEI is, however, an ongoing process and one where we must always ask ourselves how we all can do better. The Board acknowledges that there is still significant work to be done and education to be undertaken both at the corporate level and across the organization. It is through sustained commitment to action that these changes will be realized. As part of this continuing work, all Directors are currently undertaking a DEI in the Workplace Certificate Course, complementing any previous SCA education they have participated in.

As part of the Board’s enduring commitment to deliver on the SCA’s vision, mission, and values, the Directors continually evaluate the outcomes of its strategic initiatives. While excellent foundations have been established, it became evident that the Board’s initial direction would not deliver its intended outcomes. As a result, the Directors have begun the process of strategic course-correction to bring us all closer to the better and more inclusive Society that we all want and deserve.

Work has continued on a refocused DEI strategic initiative which will be discussed in more detail at the upcoming January Quarterly Meeting. Strategic initiatives must always be reviewed to ensure ongoing relevance, and this is particularly important for DEI. You can register to attend the January 22, 2023 Quarterly Board Meeting at 10:00 AM PST/6:00 PM UTC at the following link:

Once registered, you will receive confirmation with the details for the meeting. Attendees will have an opportunity to submit questions for the Board.

Once again, we thank everyone who has reached out already to the Board and other officers to share your comments and feedback on the importance of a diverse, equitable and inclusive Society for all of us. 

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